Funny face attempts suicide the 7th time

September 1, 2021 By 0 Comments

Barely five months after discharge from the Accra Psychiatric Hospital, Funny Face has attempted to commit suicide again.

This will be the seventh time the Comic Actor has attempted to end his life, “for the sake of a woman” he says.

In a video on his Instagram page sighted by The Chronicle, Funny Face, real name Benson Nana Yaw Boateng, was seen walking in the middle of a highway soliloquying about how life has been unfair to him.

“Fear women, if you hear the latest news of what someone has done, hmm, it’s ok I am tired. I can’t continue and die. A b*tch will always be a b*tch and a whore will always be a whore….. kill me now,” Funny Face lamented.

In a caption to the video he posted, he wrote; “Ay3ka depression has finally finished me. GYE NYAME. I don’t think I can survive dis one… 7thdepression…hmmm.. pls pls pray for me… dis is too painful…. Aaoo everyone is getting a woman.. yaw Boateng.. go take woman Aaah… you go take cobra… thinking she would love you? Hmmm, dis time revelations are too much!!! Ryt infront of ur eyes… YAW BOATENG choose life and live oooyoo.”


In February this year, the Ofankor Circuit Court, presided over by Ebenezer Osei Darko committed Funny Face to the Accra Psychiatric Hospital for treatment, explaining that the Actor does not sound normal.

This was following the separation of his twin daughters from him after misunderstanding with the baby mama. This according to the Doctors affected Funny Face’s state of mind.

He had attempted suicide six times prior to and during those times.