A friend sold me to my rapist; Dhat Gyal speaks about horrifying betrayal.

September 1, 2021 By 0 Comments

Dancehall sensation Dhat Gyal shared part of her darkest secrets when she revealed that a friend sold her out to her rapist. And how that experience affected her and pushed her into drug addiction and depression.

In an interview with Delay, Dhat Gyal revealed that sometime in 2016, an acquaintance lured a friend and herself to be raped. She divulged that the experience that took away her virginity left her with a vaginal infection that she treated at the pharmacy.

“She was not really my friend. I knew her from a park that I usually hang out with friends. So I met one of my friends and she told me that one lady said we should go and escort her. This was around 7 pm when she asked us to go with her to Mile 7.

“When we got there, there were 3 men in the house. Then she told us that she had to rush back because her babe was crying at home. So I suggested that we all go with her. But she said there was no need and that the men would not harm them”.

According to Dhat Gyal, she still wasn’t convinced, but she stayed behind with the other girl. Recounting the sickening ordeal, she revealed that her cries went unheard as he fought to have his way. In the process, he beat her up, strangled her and tore her clothes. And that was how she ran half-naked through the streets home.

According to Dhat Gyal, this is the first time she has shared this story. She disclosed that she was too ashamed to report to the Police. Also, by the time she got to the pimp (aka the fake friend), she had absconded from the area.

Source: 3news.com