Machete rules @ NPP big shot’s funeral

August 30, 2021 By 0 Comments

Bernard Kwasi Amoani being attended to at hospital

The funeral grounds  of the late father of one Opare, a member of the Eastern Regional Grassroots Communicators of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP), was reduced to a battlefield last Saturday,  when alleged followers of the Member of Parliament (MP) for Suhum Constituency, Oboafo Kwadwo Asante, attacked the communicators of the party.

Information gathered from the funeral grounds indicated that the followers of the MP found a comment by one of the communicators, Alexander Odei, popularly known as ‘Big Deal’, disrespectful, dissatisfactory, and a deliberate attempt to sully the image of the MP.

According to the information, Mr. Oboafo Kwadwo Asante, in his capacity as the MP, and as culture and tradition demand, decided to attend the funeral.

The cutlass wounds being treated

When the MP and his entourage arrived at the Suhum Urban Centre, venue for the funeral, the family members were about to introduce him, but ‘Big Deal’ reportedly interjected, took the microphone, and announced that if the mourners did not see them (communicators) with the MP, it  was because the latter said he did not know them (communicators).

The Chronicle was told that the Women Organiser for Suhum Constituency, Madam Hannah Asantewaa, who was part of the MP entourage, did not take the comment made by Big Deal lightly, and decided to subject him (Big Deal) to a verbal attack.

Big Deal reportedly responded to the lady’s diatribes, and this threw other members of the MP’s entourage and the communication members into the fray.

With the mourners running helter-skelter to save their skins, a member of the MP’s entourage went to his car to fetch a machete, which he used to open a deep cut on the skull of Bernard Kwasi Amoani, an NPP communicator from Asamankese.

Mourners running helter-skelter

The victim was rushed to the Suhum Government Hospital for treatment, and as at the time of filing this report, the Asamankese grassroots communicator has been treated and discharged.

Narrating the incident to this paper when contacted, Big Deal indicated that Opare was a member of the group and invited them to mourn with him.

According to him, the group supports members, not only politically, but in all facets of life, including funerals and marriages among others, hence, they (communicators) went to support their colleague (Opare) to give a befitting burial to his father.

Whilst at the funeral grounds, he continued, his team picked up signal that the MP had also arrived to mourn with their brother.

Big Deal further told The Chronicle that he asked the MP’s younger brother and Personal Assistant (PA), Emmanuel Mantey, to inform him (MP) that they (communicators) would like to lead him to greet the bereaved, as it had always been their tradition.

According to him, Emmanuel Mantey later returned to inform him that the MP claimed he did not know his group, and that he would not allow them to lead him (MP) to great the bereaved.

“After receiving this information, I took the microphone to announce that we (communicators) are leaving the funeral grounds, and if the mourners did not see us with the MP, it is because the MP said he did not know us,” he stressed.

When contacted to respond to the allegation of insults, Madam Hannah Asantewaa denied insulting ‘Big Deal’ and sworn with the Bible to die if she ever insulted the young man, adding that the young man lacked respect for the leadership of the party in Suhum.

According to her, she was furious with ‘Big Deal’ for lying and ridiculing the MP in public.

When this reporter called the MP on his cell phone to respond to the story, he said: “I am at church. I will call you when I close from church.”

Unfortunately, the MP failed to call back at the time of filing this report.