Compilation of new register: IMANI MERELY BLOWING HOT AIR -PPP General Secretary

March 16, 2020 By 0 Comments

By Bernice Bessey

Mr Murtala Mohammed, General Secretary of the Progressive Peoples Party (PPP), has descended on Imani Africa for the latter’s constant vitriolic attacks on the Electoral Commission (EC) about the compilation of a new Biometric Voter’s Register. Imani has taken the EC to the cleaners, insisting that the electoral body had breached the procurement process.

But the PPP General Secretary is contending in an article he has authored that Imani is just blowing hot air on the matter, with no concrete and convincing submissions.

“I’ve been following Imani Ghana on the matter regarding [the] new voters register, and they are not sincere to the facts at all. What at all is their interest? Is their interest for their pay masters or for Mother Ghana? I asked this because of how they continue to jumble matters covertly and overtly, rendering institutions of state useless,” he said.

According to Murtala Mohammed, the nation witnessed Imani’s “skewed posture in a bid to poo poo the Kelni/GVG contract by the Ministry of Communication to unify the activities of telecos on the “Common Platform for Telecom Revenue Assurance and Regulatory Oversight.”

“This all-knowing group came hard on the government to the extent of marching to the law court, only to backtrack due to the impotence of their case. They withdrew the case in court without recourse to their local collaborators under very bizarre circumstances,” the PPP General Secretary slammed.

Mutala Mohammed wonders why Imani is desperately fighting the compilation of a new Voters Register, and urged the think tank to allow the EC, the legally mandated institution, to do its work.

“The topical subject under review currently is the Electoral Commission of Ghana and the new voters register saga. It is clear the NDC is playing politics with the matter. But what’s in it for Imani? The Electoral Commission is the legally mandated institution to, among other things, review our voters register.

“And they have diligently stated reasons for a new register to include: Expiration of contract with STL, EC’s inability to manage the BVMS, the equipment’s hard/software are at “END OF LIFE” or end of support, poor data capture, hence poor biometric templates storage, as a result it can’t be used for the upcoming general elections. Not forgetting high cost of maintenance vis-a-vis a new voter register,” he said.