Are our False Prophets aware that Christ is not to be Mocked?

Social media is awash with some so-called men and women of God, prophesying and performing miracles in the Name of God.

Most of their conducts are so ridiculous and insulting to the Name of God Almighty, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, that those who do not know Christ will think that Christianity is not a serious religion, but man-made and not founded by God Himself.

As we are braving ourselves to the coming season where prophets will, in different ways, tell us how confused God Himself is, by not deciding who should win the elections, we woke up last week to hear some self-made, self-acclaimed prophet of the Most High, Reindolph Oduro Gyebi, sending out a chilly warning that on March 6, 2020, the day we celebrated our 63rd Independence Anniversary, there would be bloodshed in this country.

The Founder and Leader of God’s Crown Chapel (Eagle’s Cathedral) claimed God opened his eyes, and he saw a lot of people lying dead on that day. Ghanaians were not told why such a calamity would be visited on the land, except that it could be averted only by prayers.

Here we go again, another doomsday prophecy, this time blood on Independence Day. Are we in the bad books of God that He sees nothing good in our future? It is very surprising the way our so-called prophets go, always feeling proud and talking about evil and doom befalling this country, and they make such outrageous statements with pride and impudence, as if they alone converse with God.

We go through the ordeal of listening to annual prophecies at the end of every year, as these fake prophets come out to tell us the number of top personalities who are going to die, disasters that are coming to occur, and many chilling events in the coming year.

What is very suspicious about Gyebi’s prophecy is that the year started barely three months ago, and yet God forgot to warn us against the bloodshed. Cunningly, as con men and scammers as they are, these prophets will add the phrase, unless we pray against it.

Every day people gather in these churches, morning, noon, afternoon, evening and night, crying to the Lord to bring peace, prosperity and all heavenly goodness to Ghana and to themselves, and divert all disasters, problems, diseases, deaths and what have you from this country. And with all these prayers, we are still being told to pray against some bloodshed that was coming.

Every day we have these churches in full operations. Traders, businessmen and women and other people who should be working to add to the growth of the economy, rather leave their work places and go into such churches to pour their hearts out unto God, complaining, pleading, and requesting in such an unceasing pattern. It looks like the only people who actually open up for full time work are these pastors and prophets, and they earn huge sums of untaxed money from the widow’s mites their church members willingly offer.

No doubt while these pastors and prophets are becoming richer and richer, their followers are getting poorer and poorer, and this reflects on our economy. However, at the end of the day, these poor church members are assured that the coming year was going to become a year of fulfilment, a year of upliftment, a year of success, a year of positivity, and many other encouraging adjectives to qualify the year to uplift the spirits and moods of these conned followers to give out more than they did the year before.

To spice the church activities, there are always healing and prophecy sessions. These so called pastors will drive past hospitals full of sick people, and instead of going there to heal them, they will rather go and heal their own followers. Jesus Christ went to where the sick were to heal them, or He sent His word to do the healing.

We were made aware that there are training schools for people who go to learn how to look sick with all types of ailments. Those who graduate from such schools get to the top stage and perform to live audiences how ill they were, and encountered the pastor who commands that incurable illness to leave their bodies, and presto they become cured. All this for a mere GH¢200 per performance, but who says man can ridicule God? Such star actors and actresses start to fall ill, and unfortunately, these same pastors cannot cure them, because they cannot heal.

With this serious outbreak of the coronavirus, I was hoping these Ghanaian pastors, who claim they wine and dine with Jesus whenever they visit Him in Heaven, yes, these Ghanaian pastors who claim they decide what Jesus must do, to board flights to China and other affected countries and command the virus to get out of humans and go into the deepest pits of hell.

All we rather heard from our No.1 local prophet, Owusu Bempah, is that he was told by God about this disease, but could not pronounce the name. The Founder and Leader of Glorious Word Power Ministry International said he did not mention Coronavirus, because the name is jaw breaking. Hear him:“Even if God had mentioned the name of the disease to me as coronavirus, I wouldn’t have been able to pronounce it. Even now I find it very difficult to mention the name, rightly”. How far will man go in mocking and ridiculing his God? Is Owusu Bempah saying God put the word coronavirus in his mouth to tell us about it, and he forgot how to pronounce the word? It is good that he was not Moses, like the Israelites will still be in bondage in Egypt. So what happened now that he is able to pronounce the name? Is he saying that he cannot pronounce corona as in Toyota Corona, and has never heard of the word virus? Rev Dr. Nuamah Donkor has got lots of work to do on this man. Here is someone who has been prophesying the death of some top personalities every year, and yet, God is just refusing to call them home.

We have a scenario where our prophets are now fighting to be noticed as the first to have prophesied some doom situation or the other. Meaning God has only bad news for us; so what are we doing here in Ghana? According our prophets, our nation is placed under a severe curse, that even on the day that we are to rejoice and celebrate the birth of our nation, God had a package of bloodshed and loss of many lives for us as a birthday gift. So what the hell are we doing in this hell?

It is about time we test the spirits which are working for these so-called pastors and prophets. It is our responsibility as Christians, since the Word of God demands we do so in the 1st Letter of St. John 4:1 which reads: “Beloved, do not trust every spirit but test the spirits to see whether they belong to God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.”

The Word of God goes on to say that to know the Spirit of God is the one working through that prophet is when the Spirit acknowledges Jesus Christ. And this is not difficult to find out.

Jesus Christ has the Spirit of Humility, with no vices at all in Him. He chooses to perform miracles and healings, and would not like to be acknowledged, praised, and elevated in social status for what He did. He always shied away to keep and maintain His humble status in life: Story of the Transfiguration (St Matthew 17: 9); The Multiplication of the Loaves (St John 6: 14-15); St Peter’s Confession (St. Luke 9: 20-21); The Wedding at Cana (St John 2: 1-10) where Jesus, after prompting from His mother, changed water into the choicest wine. This He did at a distance so the miracle was not immediately attributed to Him, and there are some other instances where Jesus chose to remain low profiled.

The difference with these so-called prophets is that their conducts do not reflect any Christ in them. We hear them on air, threatening each other with such abusive and foul languages, claiming superiority over the rest. These Christ never did.

We hear them boasting with such arrogance about who they are and what they have that others do not have. This Christ never did; in fact, He even did not have any property to lay claim on. His grandparents, St Anne and St Joachim, were well to do and left good property for their only child and daughter, Mary. Mary gave up the estate for the upkeep of the poor and embraced a life of poverty, totally dependent on God her Creator. Her Son Jesus took this life of poverty to a higher level, and was humble, selfless, gentle and full of the Spirit of God.

These are not qualities found in our this day and age pastors and prophets who preach prosperity Gospel, making it seem as if it is a sin to be poor. They also go out to conduct themselves the way the rich and mighty celebrities do, and are so affluent in the midst of their poor followers, acting with such arrogance, being boastful and very proud. These and many more are not qualities found in Christ.

So may Reindolph Oduro Gyebi (is the name Randolph or Reindolph?) go up and submit himself in total submissiveness to God, shading off every vice in him, and ask God to show him what work he must do. I do not believe he is meant to be in the ministry of leading souls to God.

The bloodshed, prophesied for March 6, 2020, never came to pass. He should not plead alibi by saying people prayed vehemently, because people did not.

Christians should wake up and halt this mocking of Christ by people who claim they are men and women of God.

Hon Daniel Dugan