‘I’m willing to point out Adam Mahama’s killers’

Asabka Alange says he is willing to point out the killers of the late Upper East Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Adams Mahama.

He told an Accra High Court, presided over by Justice Merley Afua Wood, yesterday, that he had known the deceased for 20 years, and he was his umbilical cord, everything, and his world.

Asabka testified during cross-examination by the Attorney-General that prior to the late Upper East Regional Chairman’s death, they were on a very good terms.

He explained to the court that he could not have had any issue with the deceased, because the latter was the one paying his children’s school fees, as well as feeding him.

Asabka informed the court that the deceased gave them five motorbikes, which they used to run errands for him, especially during elections to enable the accused together with others protect the deceased and the ballot papers.

However, in the course of the cross-examination, Asabka later admitted that the deceased was angry with him for participating in a meeting held by the National Chairman, Paul Afoko, and General Secretary Kwabena Agyapong of the NPP (both suspended).

Asabka said the deceased, who died as a result of an acid bath, was so angry with him that he warned him never to call him again.

He further told the court that the deceased’s anger stemmed from an allegation that the two national executive members of the party visited Bolgatanga on a mission to “spoil their votes.”

Meanwhile, he attended the said meeting on an invitation by Gregory Afoko, first accused (A1), who, at the time, he did not know was Paul Afoko’s brother.

He also told the court that out of the two meetings held by the suspended NPP National Chairman, the first meeting was climaxed by agitation by the youth.

Despite telling the court in his evidence-in-chief that he only gets to meet Gregory Afoko during political party rallies, Asabka, this time round, said the former came to his house to invite him once again for the second meeting called by his brother (Paul Afoko).

He stated that A1 engaged him for the third time when a shed provided by the late Adams Mahama for the NPP youth of the area was destroyed by a rainstorm and Afoko promised to have it fixed.

The last time A1 engaged him was when he wanted to give him some NPP flags.
This was after A2 called the deceased and refused to come to good terms with him.

Excerpts of the cross-examination

Q. What time do you close from the station?

A. It depends on the season; for instance during Christmas season we have lots of passengers at the station. The drivers usually move from the station sometimes at 2, 3, 4 or 5pm.

Q. What time do you close from the station?
A. The time is not stable that is why I am explaining. When there are no cars at the station that is when I close.

Q. Before this incident, you didn’t know PW8, Hajia Zinabu Adams?
A. By then I didn’t know her.
Q. You did not also know PW10, Asirigri Quii?
A. Yes.

Q. You didn’t also know PW5, Zurara Issakah?
A. I knew her.
Q. In your testimony before this court you have denied being involved in the murder of Adams Mahama?

A. That is so my lord. I know those who were involved in the killing of Adams Mahama; I would have pointed them out because of what he was doing for me.

Q. In your statement to the police, that is Exhibit M and N, you denied having anything to do with the murder of Adams Mahama?

A. That is so. I told the police I don’t know anything about his murder, and that was the reason I ran away. They asked me why I ran away, and I explained to them that my house and drinking spot was burnt down, and they took my child away.

A. So you stand by everything you told the police?
A. I stand by whatever I told the police; because of what he has been doing for me I will point out anyone involved in the killing of Adam.
Q. You lived with your wife and children. That is correct?

A. Yes, I lived with my wife and four children.
Q. The place where you lived with your wife and children is different from your family house. Is that not so?

A. It is not far. We are just by the roadside. If you are standing in front of my house, you can see my family house.
Q. You said you knew the deceased for more than 20 years?

A. That is so. When he has some posters for people to post it around he usually calls the three of us, myself and two others. During election time they have NPP supporters and NDC supporters.

The late Adam Mahama bought about five motorbikes for me so that when they are going to a polling station we can use the motorbikes to protect him when he is voting, and also to prevent people from stealing the ballot papers.

Q. I’m putting it to you that contrary to what you have told this court, you never worked for Adams Mahama?
A. I was working for him. Wherever Adams is you will see us there. When Adam was building a hotel at Tingonsorqor, we were there ones who carried the…

Q. You went in for financial assistance?
A. Adams was helping everybody. He has a good heart. Myself and Adams were very close.
Q. I’m also putting it to you that you were never a bodyguard of Adams Mahama?

A. Adams was our father, and whenever he needs us that is when he calls us, but we were not there as bodyguards. Before this incident I was with Naba to buy food.

The late Adams called me to come over, and he asked where I was. He asked me to come over and meet him at Nutosori Hotel and that there were some people from Accra and Bawku who have come to attack him.

We were two, myself and Asumbila, when we got there the place was very packed with a lot of policemen. We went there with a motorbike. Asuumbila left me and I was in a smock.

That day I saw one security and he was unconscious, and he was picked up. He was called Borga Kumkumba. When I saw that I left because we don’t want to have anything to do with it.

It was after this that a week later I heard that some people have poured acid on the late Adams Mahama. After this incident, I don’t know those who poured acid on Adams Mahama, and I have swear to the fact that I did not kill anyone.

Q. I’m putting it to you that at the time of his death you and the deceased were not on good terms at all?

A. I didn’t do anything to him, and he didn’t do anything to me. He was feeding me and paying my children school fees. So there is no issue or problem between us.

Q. In fact, the deceased was very angry with you at the time?
A. What could I have done for him to be angry with me? I didn’t do anything to him. I have elderly family members like Adams Mahama, but none of them treated me like Adams Mahama.

Q. A few days before Adams Mahama, Paul Afoko and Kwabena Agyapong came to Bolga. Is that correct?
A. If I knew those were the people who killed Adams Mahama I will pointed them out.

Q. Paul Afoko invited the youth NPP for a meeting, is that not so?

A. When Paul Afoko and Kwabena Agyapong came they lodged at a hotel called Comboco at the Bawku area. It was my boss who called me to meet them at the hotel…he was taking lots of youth and I’m part of those he was taking care of. He called us to come to the hotel, but I could not make it.

…when I saw him in the morning… When Paul Afoko and Kwabena Agyapong lodged at the hotel, some of youth went there to attack them. That was when Gregory Afoko… that strongman has given my number to him.

We were all part of Adams …he pleaded that I should talk to my boss, Adams, to allow Paul Afoko and Kwabena Agyapong to sleep at the hotel [and that] the following [day] he will meet them.

I told him that I can’t go alone, so I called Isaac Naba and Baba Haruna to go and plead with Adams Mahama so that he will allow Paul Afoko and Kwabena Agyapong to sleep at the hotel to the following morning. I joined Gregory, Baba and two others and left.

When we got to the hotel, the place was very packed. Some of the youth were holding stick and cutlasses. When I got down I went straight to my boss, the late Adams Mahama

. He asked why I was sitting behind A1 and that it was a brother of Paul and Kwabena who had come to spoil their votes. When he said that I told him that A1 is the brother to Afoko. I didn’t know that they have come to spoil his votes.

He was asked to…
Paul Afoko and Kwabena Agyapong moved their car out of the hotel, and they headed towards the Tamale road. After that Gregory dropped me at home, because I didn’t take my motorbike.

The following day there was a heavy wind, which destroyed my shed. I was then trying to fix the shed when Gregory came around that Paul Afoko wanted to see those who came to attack them and that he was at a hotel at Inkini.

A lot of us went to the hotel, and Paul asked what he did to us to give him that kind of treatment. Strongman was the one who told Paul that [the] late Adams Mahama said they were there to soil their votes.

Paul replied that they were there to congratulate the MP for Tumu, and also the Chief of Tumu. Because that place was not far from [his] home that was why he came around.

He explained that Paul doesn’t come home, so most of us didn’t know him. So he only came to congratulate the Tumu MP, and not that he came to spoil their vote. He wanted the party to come into power.

He gave us money to buy food and promised to buy us…when he returned back to Accra. The following morning all those who received the money…we should be patient and forget about everything that had happened. It was after a week that this incident happened.

Q. You will agree with me that Paul Afoko met the NPP when he came to Bolga in May 2015?

A. He didn’t meet with the youth, but it was after the incident at the hotel; that was when he called us to meet him. Paul Afoko can’t summon the youth. The youth there are all for Adams. After he gave us the money, we met the following day at the hotel. Some decided that we should form another youth group, and some of us indicated that we already have a group.

Q. So Mr. Alange, you were present at this meeting?
A. Yes.
Q. Apart from Paul Afoko giving the youth GH¢100 to buy food, he also gave some GH¢10?

A. Because it has been a while since I was not familiar with the currency. So the interpreter when I was asked I said one million, but I can’t remember what they wrote, whether it was in the old or new currency.

Q. The deceased Adams Mahama was not aware of this meeting, correct?
A. He didn’t know about it. It was later before I told him. And he called me to ask about the meeting. Since then we never sat to have any meeting.

Q. I’m putting it to you that the deceased did warn you not to attend such meetings?
A. It is true he warned me never to sit in such meetings. Also that meeting took a long time.

Q. In your statement, Exhibit M and N, you said the deceased called you later and accused you of taking a bribe from Afoko?
A. That is true; he called me and asked why I have taken money from Paul Afoko and warned me not to do so again.

Q. I’m putting it to you that the deceased warned you never to call him again for any matter?
A. He warned me not to call him again. I went back to beg him and asked him to forget about everything.

Q. I’m putting it to you that you never went to the deceased on this issue to ask for forgiveness?

A. I went there to ask for his forgiveness because he was my everything. I didn’t know Paul Afoko and Kwabena Agyapong until that incident. Adams was my everything; he was my cord.

Q. When the deceased saw you and and A1 at the hotel where Paul Afoko and Kwabena Agyapong were lodging, he was not happy with you at all and made this known to you?

A. He was not happy. I told him that A1 asked that …and he said I should not go there.

A. After this meeting with Afoko, there was another meeting of NPP youth at Bolga on the May 16, 2015?

A. I’m not a strong politician, it was through that I became an NPP and when they are having their executive meetings and other meetings I don’t involve myself. Bolga is big and we have a lot of youth meetings.

Q. I’m putting it to you that you were present at this meeting?
A. The only meeting that I have been part at was the meeting at the Afoko hotel. They wanted to make me Chairman of this meeting, but my boss has already warned me. Apart from that meeting…

Q. You have told this court that Mahama built a shed for NPP supporters at Bolga, which is known as Parliament House, is that not so?
A. That is true. He has built a lot of Parliament house for the youth… the big one…

Q. On May 18, 2016, the one that Adams Mahama built collapsed due to a rain storm?

A. That is true. The shed was destroyed by a rain storm and I called to inform him about it. When I called him, he was angry with me. He indicated that he warned me not to follow them but I did, and I told him that it was just yesterday that we had the meeting.

Not long after Gregory arrived and promised that he will get someone who helped him with wood and that was the superior chairman. When he took me to the person, the person also promised that the next Saturday… Because my boss has warned me not to involve myself with them, I didn’t go back for the wood.


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