I’m ready to change Ghana -Wilberforce Andrews

An independent presidential hopeful for the 2024 Elections, Mr. Wilberforce Andrews, says he is ready to lead a paradigm shift that would make the economy more resilient and sustainable.

His touted a paradigm change, he explained, would bring about lasting solutions to the country’s chronic problems, end the winner take all syndrome, and distribute the national cake evenly.

Throwing light on his desire to lead the country as a president, Mr. Andrews noted that both the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and New Patriotic Party (NPP) had done their best to sustain the democratic gains of the country since the inception of the 1992 Constitution.

However, he was worried that both parties which had led the country in turns since the birth of the Fourth Republic had not done enough to liberate the country from poor economic policies.

“Though we are abundantly blessed with everything we need as a country, we keep going round in circles and begging due to poor leadership who operate a skewed system to benefit themselves,” he said.

“We are all witnesses to how this country has been governed by the parties that come and go after every eight years, and their modus operandi are well known to us all,” he added.

The alleged inability of both the NDC and the NPP to solve Ghana’s problems which keep evolving, he said, must rekindle a new sense of awakening among Ghanaians to support his mission.

Paradigm shift

According to the human rights activist, it was high time Ghanaians had a political paradigm shift and stopped gravitating towards the NDC and NPP and try a new system.

“I have carefully studied world political history and will apply the same success chalked by developed countries to eventually overturn the current situation in our nation,” he claimed.

“I can confidently say that I represent the new leadership drive that all Ghanaians have been calling for in our quest to steer our country into a new path where the interest of the whole country will be a priority,” he stated.

Modernising agriculture

Outlining how he would build the economy, the private businessman explained that “As a country, we must pay attention to agriculture, because it continues to be the back-bone of our economy.”

He added: “We must, therefore, see farming as a profession and inculcate this into the youth particularly those in basic and tertiary levels of our educational system.

“We need to think about modernising the agric sector to bring about value addition to whatever raw materials we produce locally and also concentrate more on what we have the comparative advantage to produce,” he stated.

This, he stated, would enable the country to export more to earn foreign exchange and drastically reduce import of foreign goods to strengthen the local currency.

“For instance, we consume rice, poultry and vegetable cooking oil which are all almost imported. Now the question is that why can’t we produce what we consume locally to stabilise the economy?” he quizzed

“We have the solution to all our artificial problems but we seem not ready to explore because we continue to experiment our future as a country with both NDC and NPP.”

He, therefore, called on Ghanaians to embrace the change he represented and support his vision to be able to build a new Ghana which would abhor corruption at all levels.


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