I’ll Delete AkuapemPoloo From Instagram If I Had The Power -Freda Rhythms

July 13, 2020 By 0 Comments

One of Ghana’s hottest rapper, Freda Rhythms has stated in a recent interview on showbiz on JoyPrime that if given the chance, she’d delete controversial actress AkuapemPoloo on Instagram.

According to Freda, AkuapemPoloo is a celebrity who doesn’t deserve social media attention especially the recent photo she posted with her son naked sparked a lot of controversy.

When asked to save the life of Sista Afia and Eno Barony in a rap battle, Freda chose Sista explaining that she(Sista Afia) is a good singer but not good when it comes to rap music. She also added that she wouldn’t mind collaborating with Sista Afia when the opportunity presented itself.

Speaking on her career as a rap musician, Freda said she’d give herself an 8 out of 10 especially since she has come very far in the music industry.


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