If Rawlings mouth could depose a sitting President, then… Part 1

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We do harm to ourselves and even the very men we claim to admire when we pretend they have no faults, and that is sycophancy at its highest level.

Jerry John Rawlings knew very well that a neo-colonial state apparatus in Ghana could not support the revolution, and yet he launched it on 31st December, 1981. The country’s administration did not want to co-operate with Rawlings’ revolutionary government in 1981. As a result of that, the Provisional National Defence Council (PNDC) persuaded, and even went on its knees to beg some qualified Ghanaians to accept appointments as PNDC District Secretaries, PNDC Regional Secretaries, and Secretaries of State. Today, 2020, people buy such positions with raw cash, no matter your qualification in both the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Moneycracy has now been deepened in both parties and should now be called Billionaires Clubs, instead of their original names – NDC and NPP – and can their billions pay every Ghanaian voter GH¢5,000 each in exchange for just one single vote, as recently happened during the NPP primaries?

Let me leave it to the reading public and continue with my main article. According to Professor Kwamena Ahwoi, Rawlings incessant attacks on Professor Mills, of blessed memory, nearly made him resign as President, and he told Prof. Ahwoi that he (Mills) could not take it anymore. However, what the good old former President failed to tell Prof. Kwamena Ahwoi was that he (President Mills) had stabbed Jerry Rawlings several times in the back, but the dagger could not penetrate. In 2010, without Rawlings knowledge, his impossible attempt to oust Rawlings and take control of the party, just one year after becoming Ghana’s President. That very year, I was also stabbed at the back by an abrasive MCE and his corrupt party executives at Obuasi, and they were fully backed by the former Ashanti Regional Chairman, but the dagger could not penetrate. Did President Mills tell Kwamena Ahwoi that he (Mills) had formed an Atta Mills Loyalist Team of Intellectual Patriots after just one year in office, in order to replace what they described as the old CDR/ACDR, CADRE FRONT, which had gradually faded away? Is this really true? Their call for the creation of an Atta Mills’ Loyalist Front was a strong necessity to strengthen the NDC and its Loyalist Front for 2012. They described the cadres who are the founding members of the NDC as the violent disorderly Rawlings camp, and that explains the main reason why the National Executive Committee (NEC) does not want to recognise the cadres in the NDC constitution. The Atta Mills Loyalist Club members described Rawlings and his wife, Nana Konadu, as people who thrive best on violence. If that is the case, why did you, Mills, accept to partner a ‘violent man’ as his running made in 1996? This is the other side of the late Professor Mills which he failed to tell Professor Kwame Ahwoi. Now that the fat cat is out of the bag, a bitter battle, I mean, life and death battle, will soon take place in the NDC. The party is full of rotten eggs, and it must be cleaned.

The Volta Youth Network said that they believe that the motive behind the publication of the book was not only a grand scheme to denigrate the legacy of ex-president Rawlings, but also a well crafted agenda to push the forces of truth and the ‘Volta Caucus’ further away from the centre of power within the NDC. I agree with some part of their grievances, but I totally disagree with them for calling on the NDC leadership to call Prof. Kwamena Ahwoi to order, because the handful of evil planners in the party had ‘successfully’ alienated Rawlings from the party, as well as his cadres, and renamed the party as their ‘New NDC’ as far back 2010, when Professor Mills was President, who even endorsed that evil agenda and presented himself to Ghanaians, and the NDC rank and file that he was being ridiculed, maltreated, and projected in a bad light by the NDC Founder, so look beyond Professor Kwamena Ahwoi’s book, which has rather opened the Pandora’s Box, as well as stirred the hornet’s nest, where the bees would naturally fly and sting those handful destructive infiltrators who have been rocking the boat within the party. For heaven’s sake, please do not blame Professor Kwamena Ahwoi. Former President Rawlings was quoted as saying that he will soon deal with the callous agenda of bile by the likes of Kwamena Ahwoi, who are desperately seeking control of the party, but this writer thinks otherwise, so, Rawlings should also cease fire and rather watch events as they unfold, because they are few, and we are many. We are writing about Rawlings in his lifetime. They are only blocking the chances of John Mahama’s second term bid, while preparing for the 2024 NDC presidential bid, they should be left alone and we see what happens next. When Rawlings opens his mouth to talk, it is a big trouble, and when the remains silent, it is another big trouble. I mean who do they think they really are? Let me remind them that thousands of people are in the NDC because of Rawlings, and not that particular group in the NDC who falsely believe that deception is the highest virtue in life. You must go and form your own Convention Peoples Party (CPP) and leave the NDC alone, because the 31st December Revolution was launched to fight social injustice and had nothing to do with Dr. Nkrumah’s former CPP, even though 90% of Nkrumah’s Young Pioneers, including this writer, joined the revolution. They have come to amass wealth and collapse the NDC. So, the NDC would have collapsed around that small group of new NDC members, but not, repeat not, the NDC Founder.

I plead with the Volta Youth Network not to call for Prof. Kwamena Ahwoi’s head at all, because his book has opened the Pandora’s Box. The same book has also stirred the hornet’s nest and the bees would fly. Yes, it had been a well crafted vicious political agenda to oust the Rawlingses and their cadres, hence, the exclusion of cadres in the NDC party constitution. Having blocked the remaining surviving cadres from the centre of power, they have now moved further to attack and expose Rawlings, whom, they think, is now alone, and that explains the reason why the entire Volta Regional Contestants never got any top post during the NDC National Delegates Congress in 2018, and, by so doing, the Cadres are indirectly ‘out’, Rawlings is ‘out’, and Volta Region is also ‘out’. They believe falsely that they have succeeded in their diabolical plans – they lie bad – we shall fight back, we have to fight and continue fighting on until Justice, Accountability, Probity and Sanity prevail in the NDC. Prof Kwamena Awhoi’s book was not written to disrespect or destroy Rawlings, but the real enemies are within the NDC. So, please leave Professor Ahwoi alone. The core values of the NDC will be restored once more by look or crook. A handful of people who gained power and influence under the Mills administration did not want to see or hear the word Cadre within the party, but coming events cast their shadows, so members of the Volta Youth Network must rather cease fire. How on earth could a handful of people, who were nowhere near the fight to get the NDC back into power in 2004 and 2008, were rather the very people around the late President Mills with their devilish advice for him the change the NDC into the CPP. As if that was not enough, they erected an iron curtain around him and started driving away all pro-Rawlings party members, as well as pro-Rawlings MPs and even Ministers – Who born dog? Where were they in those hellish years when the PNDC experienced several weekly attempted coups during the 31st December Revolution in 1981? These so-called new NDC members see politics as making their-selfish desires seem like the national interest, but that is false. The NDC is not in disarray as reported by ‘by The Chronicle’ on 7th August 2020 because of Professor Ahwoi’s book, but will rather be in disarray because of the indirect fight for control of the party. If Rawlings mouth could depose a sitting President, then he must teach cadres and the rank and file of NDC members on how to use their mouths to keep NDC executives from the national, regional, and constituency secretariats on their toes to ensure that they work with the party’s constitution. That is far better than the use of guns.


According to Madam Hannah Tetteh, the NDC will no more stand on the Rawlings ideology, but adopt an Nkrumahist philosophy in clear contravention of Article 6 of the NDC Party Constitution, because she knew what they discussed with Prez Mills in their infamous Cabinet decision to turn the NDC into the CPP without informing Rawlings. Again, a leading member also said the NDC is struggling to define itself as a party independent of personalities, and that they must find a way to manage the political force of Rawlings without making him irrelevant. When the party managed the political force of the Rawlings without making him irrelevant, what happened? It lost power by almost one million votes on 7th December 2016, when the party managed the political force of Rawlings and everybody was doing what he liked in 2016 – Did the NDC win the election? The NDC lost because certain persons in the party were not recognised or respected. There are thousands of people who are in the party because of Rawlings, and yet you always kept him out. Was it a crime for his wife, Nana Konadu, to contest the late Prez Mills?  Rawlings was never seen at any major event of the party apart from Cape Coast where the NDC launched its national campaign, and he refused to endorse Prez Mahama at that event and it spoke volumes. Who at all advised the late Prez Mills to attempt to change the NDC into CPP after only one year in office? Seventeen members of the NPP contested the flagbearership of their party in 2007, and the General Secretary of the NDC said that some seventeen thieves had gone to  their Congress to elect their Senior Thief, but, today 2020, there are several fabulous rich thieves and even thugs in the opposition NDC than that of the NPP. And yet the NPP united and fought for political power and was given power freely by the NDC because of unproductive infighting. Now, was it wrong for Nana Konadu Agyeman Rawlings to contest former President Mills? If anything at all, it showed how deeply divided the NDC was under President Mills. So, what are some people talking about?

Keep your fingers crossed, I shall return.

Aluta Continua!

‘Jaanbie Iwaii’




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