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Captain Planet of popular Ghanaian music group 4X4, says his songs are for women especially. According to him, his songs are hugely patronised by women and they have been his source of motivation whenever he goes to make music.
In an interview on Live FM, Captain Planet said, “my music is for women, they are the ones who help promote my music. I really appreciate them a lot. For the guys sometimes they feel jealous to see their ladies appreciating another man’s work rather than theirs.

“My songs are not for men, but I have got some core male fans who I really do appreciate all the great men who have been supporting.”
He recently dropped a banger dubbed ‘Kpoli Kpoli’ which he says was roused by a film he viewed on a plane.
According to him, he likes to do conceptual music, “I like telling stories in my music that people can relate to. If you check my archives of songs from ‘Kooko Aduro’, ‘Obi Agyi Obi Girl’ Monkey Dey Work Baboon Dey Chop’, ‘Your Mother Saw Me’, ‘Akpeteshie’, etc.

I was just telling a story just like I did in my new one ‘Kpoli Kpoli.’ He revealed that he got the story for ‘Kpoli Kpoli’ from a movie he was watching in a plane.
“I got the inspiration from a movie I was watching on the plane it was about some 2 high school students who had sentiments towards one another, however, they couldn’t Date. After school, the two of them got hitched to various individuals. So there was some old reunion party and they met again after years passed by so they began discussing old school days and how they used to like one another.
“Furthermore, the person asked the woman for what valid reason she didn’t allow him to cherish her and the woman answered that she was frightened the person was going to tell his companions and the person said u know me well indeed and should realize me better I wasn’t going to tell anyone and I would have stayed quiet about it.”
‘Kpoli Kpoli’ is a sweet mid-rhythm piece that discussions about cheating in a relationship, the tune is accessible on every single computeriSed stage.

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