I never dated Becca -Bisa Kdei

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There have been rumours that Becca and Bisa Kdei dated for sometime before breaking up to go their separate ways.

Bisa Kdei in an interview on McBrown’s Kitchen on UTV said he never dated Becca.

‘We never dated. We were just friends. One thing about Ghanaians is that whenever a male and a female get closer reports go viral that they are into a romantic relationship, he said.

Meanwhile, the popular highlife artiste proved that aside from his music talent, he is also a good chef.

On McBrown’s Kitchen on UTV, Kdei prepared a vegetable stew and boiled plantain. His food won the heart of Nana Mcbrown, the host of the show, who showered praises on him for being a good cook.

McBrown on a lighter note told him to quit music for them to start a restaurant.

Bisa Kdei is the first Ghanaian artiste to break into the limelight with a movie soundtrack.

Musically, Bisa Kdei has had successful collaborations with top musicians in Ghana, Africa and the World at large.

Credit: pulse.com.gh


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