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I grew economy by GH¢14bn -Mahama

October 8, 2020 By 0 Comments

The presidential candidate of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), John Dramani Mahama,has launched his campaign at Sefwi Wiawaso in the Western North region yesterday. The NDC Flagbearer said he is more credible to provide economic opportunities for the people, since his first term saw economic growth at a whopping US$14 billion.

This, he said, cannot be compared to that of the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) Government, which within the same period did only US$4 billion.

“This is the difference between us and them: We delivered $14 billion growth in four years, while they delivered only $4 billion growth in four years,” Mr Mahama told the charged crowd.

According to him, the records are there to reconcile, that in 2012 Ghana’s GDP was 41 billion dollars and by the end of 2016, it had jumped astronomically to US$55 billion.

He said: “According to the facts, during my first term as President, we had an economic growth of almost $14 billion. Ghana’s GDP in 2020 is projected to be somewhere around $59 billion. This means that the current NPP government-managed an economic growth of only $4 billion in four years.”

Mr Mahama had said this year’s election campaign should be based on each party’s track record and performance. He also urged voters not to be deluded to believe that the reason for the NPP delivering only US$4 billion growth is because the country has been hit by a global crisis generated by COVID-19.

Much as this may be true, the former president said the NDC’s first term in government was equally faced with two years decline in commodity prices on the international market, which also affected the country.

To prove that his government faced arduous task, he stated: “For almost a year, thanks to a court case, the country was on a wait and see mode. We also faced the Ebola epidemic. So, you see, the conditions are similar, and this is why my comparison between my first term as President and Nana Addo’s term as President is relevant.”

He added that: “We both had to face dramatic situations. The difference is that we, the NDC, faced them by delivering a $14 billion growth, while they, the NPP, are facing them by tearing our country apart and delivering only 4 billion dollars growth.”

The flagbearer further added that there is yet another big difference between the two political parties, which is that the NDC did not only face dramatic crisis but also proved we were able to overcome them and moved Ghana forward, as against the NPP that never proved itself worthy of the contrast.

“So, the facts are crystal clear, we are better than them, far better than them in delivering progress and growth. This is why during this campaign we have to be far better than them – and I am absolutely sure that we will,” he trumpeted.

He promised to deliver on the People’s Manifesto, which is committed to create one million new and decent jobs over the next four years, stressing “let me give you just one example of how we’ll do it.

“We will turn our economy into a 24-hour economy, with factories working 24 hours a day [24/7], especially in the production of high-end goods not only for export but also for the local market.”

In the People’s Manifesto, the NDC promised that every Ghanaian will have access and benefit from a Free Primary Health Care Plan that will include cure, prevention and health promotion.

This will be provided with patient being attended at district hospital, polyclinic, health centre or CHPS compound free of charge.

“I guarantee that we will deliver on this, because access to healthcare is a human right and because we, the NDC, are always putting people first. Ghanaians deserve to have access to free primary healthcare services,” he stated.

Mr Mahama promised that the party has outlined elaborately how they will transform the economy into a digital one at a highly accelerated pace, one that has never been witnessed here in Ghana.

He also used the opportunity to say that the NDC is determined and that the Electoral Commission and indeed no institution should try to subvert the will of the people, adding “We have had concern to draw the Commission’s attention to many instances of infractions and actions that have not satisfied us.”


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