‘Hold your leaders accountable’

The Chief Executive Officer of Avcontech Security Masters, Nana Kweku Ofori Atta, says the inability of the Ghanaian electorate to hold their leaders accountable has been the bane of the country.

He noted that political leaders continued to take the masses for granted, because of the absence of strong mechanisms to strictly hold leaders accountable for their actions and inactions.

Speaking to The Chronicle, he explained that this situation had led to the penchant of politicians for making unachievable, unrealistic and wild promises during elections to secure the votes of the people .

“Our collective desire to develop the country must start with a strong passion to hold those we elect as our political leaders accountable for their pledges and promises,” he stated, adding that: “The citizens have every democratic right to demand accountability from their leaders and the most important part is that in democracy, accountability minimises corruption.”

The inability of the citizens to strictly hold their leaders to account for their deeds, actions and inactions, he maintained, was what has given rise to the abuse of office and power by the elected officials.

He said, “It has become a normal routine for political leaders to make empty promises to citizens to influence their sovereignty while seeking votes but their sweet promises have always been a distant a mirage” .

Proposing a solution to the situation, he explained that it was imperative for Ghanaians to  begin to hold political leaders and their parties accountable for their numerous promises and pledges  during campaign seasons.

“I believe it’s high time Ghanaians called for the enactment of a law that will hold politicians accountable when they fail to fulfil  promises and pledges when power is entrusted into their hands,” he opined.

In his view, this would not just serve as a deterrent but it would also prevent the use of subterfuge and vile propaganda by politicians to deceive the masses to find themselves to power

He continued that strict accountability would ensure that politicians would stay focus on priorities that would bring about positive changes that would ameliorate the plights of ordinary Ghanaians.

“We need to set our priorities right as citizens to know our needs and wants as citizens. We need not to entrust our sovereignty into any disorganized leader and his/her political party to govern the country”. He added

“We have given our political power and sovereignty in exchange for some food items and sweet words for far too long. We need to protect our political sovereignty because it is our power”. He concluded.

Nana Kweku Ofori Atta is a Security consultant, entrepreneur, brand consultant and a philanthropist.

He is compassionate about the development of Africa and Ghana in particular and desires to have a paradigm shift in the political discourse of the country.

He holds the strongest belief in transforming Ghana with data mining under strict security surveillance system and tight centralised database system to enhance our revenue mobilization collection.


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