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Haruna Iddrisu: NDC should go to court with what?

December 23, 2020 By 0 Comments

NDC MPs marching to EC headquarters

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Members of Parliament (MPs) are asking Ghanaians on what basis they should go to court to challenge what they described as electoral fraud.

According to the Minority Caucus, the name of the game in court is substantial evidence and nothing less, thus, it would be an effort in futility to proceed to court empty.

Yesterday, the Minority Leader, Haruna Iddrisu, at a press briefing in Parliament, sought to help Ghanaians appreciate the concerns of his side, and the challenge they face, relative to going to court.

“Those of you saying [the NDC should] go to court; [we should] go to court with what? You want me to go to court with a mask?” he asked, and continued: “I must go to court with certified collated results if even I’m dissatisfied then I can tell the court that I am dissatisfied with this…”

According to Haruna, though the EC had declared the Techiman South Constituency seat, which the NDC claim they won, to the NPP, the referee had unlawfully not provided any figures.

To demonstrate they indeed won that seat, the Minority Caucus held what it called a public collation of the Techiman South results, live on television.

In his opening statement Haruna Iddrisu said: “We are not the Electoral Commission. We are not purporting to be officers of the Electoral Commission. We are stakeholders and candidate interested parties in the 2020 presidential and parliamentary elections. So, we want to demonstrate to you why Techiman South cannot be taken away from the NDC Majority Caucus, no matter what if the laws of Ghana are respected; if the electoral laws of Ghana were respected.”

He hoped people could appreciate what he claimed the NPP was trying to do – take Techiman South by force using state brute force and intimidation; get a Speaker sworn in, and yield it even if it is a court process back to the NDC.

“That is what we are seeking to avoid. So, Techiman South and its decision is critical to our posture and what we will do going forward as a Majority Caucus. We are very certain that we are 138. We are not going to sit down for anybody to rob us of that seat. If they want compromises, we are open to it lawfully,” he added.

At the presser yesterday, the Deputy Minority Leader, James Klutse Avedzi, led the Minority’s collation and concluded that they had won that seat with some 293 votes difference.

Meanwhile, in an interview with JoyFM later yesterday, the NPP candidate, Martin Adjei Korsah, debunked the claim of the NDC, stating that there was a collation with key personalities of the NDC in the Bono East present.

Further punching holes in their claim, the candidate the EC declared as the winner, Martin Adjei Korsah, candidate for the NPP, said that the presidential candidate of the NDC, the General Secretary, and even the parliamentary candidate of the NDC had all given different figures from the same constituency as their votes, based on which they claimed victory.

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