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Guinea elections: Alpha Condé takes on Cellou Dalein Diallo again

October 19, 2020 By 0 Comments

Voters in Guinea are casting their ballots in a controversial election which sees President Alpha Condé, 82, seeking a third term.

The day started with heavy rain but as soon as it stopped, long lines started forming in front of polling stations.

Mr Condé ignored critics to push for a change of constitution that allowed him to extend his stay in office.

His main challenger is Cellou Dalein Diallo, who he has twice defeated.

Ethnic clashes during the campaign have raised fears of nationwide violence if the results are disputed.

The government has closed the borders with some neighbouring countries, citing security reasons.

Some 5.4 million voters eligible to vote. Results are not expected for several days.

Candidates need more than 50% of the vote for outright victory, or there will be a second round on 24 November.

Ten other candidates are also running, while some opposition groups have called for a boycott.

Fears of military divisions

Guinea has been beset by authoritarian and military rule since independence. There have been some fears that the army might be getting involved in politics again.


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