Gomoa Fetteh residents bemoan land guard activities

Residents of Gomoa Fetteh in the Central Region have made a clarion call to the Ghana Police Service to assist the community combat land guard activities for peace and development to thrive in the area.

The residents said land guard activities had ruined their peace and development for the past 30 years, and that they were left with nothing but fear and insecurity.

The residents told journalists at a press conference recently, that the Gomoa Fetteh Traditional Area was made up of 20 communities, but hooligans had robbed them off their peace, security and development.

The leader of the group, Nana Kobina Easel, attributed the rise of land guard activities in the community to the never ending chieftaincy disputes that had raped the area of its glory.

Nana Easel indicated that these self-styled chiefs, in their quest to legitimise their rule, engaged the services of land guards to cause fear and panic in the area.

“Usually, these de factos load numerous gunmen into the town to sound multiple gunshots, causing fear and panic at any point in time they choose, and no law deals with them for this act,” he said.

He alleged that some of these self-styled chiefs were involved in the sale of lands, and, therefore, called on the general public to beware of purchasing lands in the community.

Nana Easel added that people should ensure that they conducted searches on any land being offered for sale before they made payment.

“We, therefore, advise those who have been running to them to purchase land without asking for proper documentation, that kindly advise yourselves and do due diligence, because you  are being defrauded,” he said.

He consequently called on the Central Regional and National House of Chiefs, the Chieftaincy Ministry, and the police to intervene in the situation in order to restore calm.

One of the community leaders, Ohembaa Amoesima Nkrabea I, added that it had resulted in the inability of women to undertake economic and domestic activities such as selling, going to the farm, or even going to fetch water, due to the high levels of insecurity in the community.

She reiterated that the authorities must do everything possible to restore peace in the area, to enable them have their share in development.


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