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Former Ahafo Beauty Queen helps in COVID-19 fight

July 9, 2020 By 0 Comments

The Queens Foundation, led by the 2019 Ghana Most Beautiful (GMB) Ahafo Regional Representative, Nana Afia Prempeh, in partnership with Ena Pa Foods and Heavens Insecticide Spray and Mosquito Coil, have donated a number of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the chiefs and the people of Tanoso to help fight the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

The items were presented to the chiefs, health centre, market women, taxi drivers and the residents, and which include veronica buckets, hand sanitisers, tissues papers, liquid soaps and face masks worth thousands of Ghana cedis.

Addressing the beneficiaries, Nana Afia Prempeh, popularly called Afia, stated that one of the effective tools to curb the novel Coronavirus in the country is to have the PPEs in abundance, so the Foundation, with its partners, thought it prudent to supply a number of them to the people and institutions to cushion them well in combating the deadly virus.

She explained that the advocacy on COVID-19 by health experts and others have extremely helped the country, but to make the citizenry completely safe, the items (PPE), being key, ought to be provided, especially to communities where truly the residents can not afford them as often as the World Health Organisation (WHO), Ministry of Health (MOH) and Ghana Health Service (GHS) direct.

According to her, the government is playing its role to ensure that citizens are safe from the virus but the reality is that companies and individuals must also come on board with some supporting hands because togetherness can easily drive the virus away to make Ghana a better place to live.

In her view, though the country is not in normal times considering the directives outlined such as the continuous wearing of face masks, social distancing, frequent washing of hands with carbolic soaps under running water, constantly applying of hand sanitizer among others, the people must have hope that together the country can easily defeat the pandemic which has affected every sphere of life.

She then advised them on the need to protect themselves against the virus all the time because one may not know when and where he or she can be infected.

“Adhere to the protocols because you’re asserts to Ghana and the country can’t afford to lose you,” she told the beneficiaries.

Afia mentioned, adhering to the COVID-19 protocols is not easy due to the country’s culture but due to the situation at hand where the cases are been recorded in numbers, all must bear and accept to do what is right irrespective of where them find themselves.

Aside the presentation of the items, the team to it upon itself and educated the people on the best practices when it comes to hand washing, wearing of face masks and hand sanitizing. To the team, people practising the protocols as expected must also be monitored because currently the manner some people wear their face masks is a worrying situation which is gradually emerging in the country.

Nana Afia Prempeh thanked the chiefs and the people of Ahafo Tanoso for receiving the team warmly to make the exercise fruitful. She also showed gratitude to 3Foundation and Media General for the platform for her to also have the opportunity to reach out to others in this time where COVID-19 has hit the country.

The Chiefs, managers of the health facility, market women, taxi drivers among others thanked Nana Afia Prempeh and the team for having them in mind in the era where COVID-19 has taken the centre stage. According to them, the items supplied will be of a great help to them because having only the indepth knowledge of the disease is not a guarantee to curb it but instead the availability of PPEs is crucial.

They assured the team of using the items in accordance and as directed to give them the maximum protection against the deadly virus which has hit all 16 regions. The beneficiaries appealed to others to support them from time to time especially the vulnerable since the virus is no respecter of man.

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