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Face shield can’t save you from Covid-19 -GHS

July 15, 2020 By 0 Comments

The seeming departure from the initial use of the nose and face masks to face shields has caught the attention of the Ghana Health Service (GHS), which is advising against the latter.

According to the Service, the face shield is not in anyway armour against getting infected by the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) through the face or nose.

The Head of Surveillance at the GHS, Dr Asiedu Bekoe, has thus advised the general public to put on the usual face mask only, otherwise wear the face shield on the face mask.

He was addressing the media yesterday in Accra, as part of the government’s regular engagement on Covid-19 management in Ghana.

Dr Asiedu Bekoe noted that instances where it was impossible to ensure social distancing, face masks were the best bet for preventing the virus from entering the body.

He indicated that “for the purpose of addressing the challenge of infection, the first port of call is the facemask… We want to implore all Ghanaians that let’s use the face mask, because that is the purest way that you can prevent yourself from getting the infection.”

He continued: “If you wear the face shield, then it must be on top of a face mask, but it should not be an alternative to the use of the face mask, and I want to assure all Ghanaians that it is not for convenience that we are replacing face shields with face masks, but it is for the purpose of preventing infections.”

The face shield is made of Plexiglas panel or curved plastic that can be worn over the face. Its popularity, despite the high cost, is gaining grounds in the Ghana, as far as Covid-19 prevention is concerned.

JHS in Oti records Covid-19 case

Meanwhile, a Junior High School (JHS) in the Oti Region has recorded a case of the novel Coronavirus, which wipes the record that apart from some Senior High Schools, no JHS had been infected.

The Director of Public Health of the GHS, Dr Budu Sarkodie, made the disclosure yesterday at the media briefing organised by the Ministry of Information, but sealed his mouth on the naming the said school.

He chose to say that “the only reported JHS with a case is in the Oti Region. Just one! I think they are probably adhering to the protocols more than others.”

He was giving an update on the situation in schools in the country, as well as concerns for the closure of educational institutions.

“The tertiary schools opened on the 15 of June, and again, we haven’t had many events within the tertiary, and then the SHS on the 22nd and the JHS 29th June. So, based on the time, if you look at the period, 29th to now, is more than two weeks, and if we are going by the incubation period, should the JHS be confined, then it will be amongst the safest place for us as a country.”

“The Senior High schools we have the data here despite the number of cases, a few of them in sporadic quantities that have been reported. The rate within the SHS is much lower than the total population in the country. The least was the Junior High schools,” he said.

On Monday, the GHS announced that 55 students and staff at the Accra Girls’ SHS had tested positive for the virus.

As of 13th July 2020, a total of 314 persons (student and staff) from the school have been tested. Out of these, 55 have been confirmed positive for COVID-19, while 259 persons tested negative,” the statement said.


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