Editorial: Kudos to gov’t for targetting hospitals for all districts in Ghana

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It is the wish of every human being walking on this Planet Earth that he or she does not fall sick because some diseases are very difficult to treat, even if the resources are available.

But, as the adage goes, man proposes but God disposes – so long as we continue to walk on the surface of this earth, we will fall sick, and should that happen, we have to be treated at a well designated place called hospital.

In view of this, hospitals play important roles in the health delivery system in Ghana and beyond. This is why it has always been the priority of every government to construct hospitals in all corners of the country to ensure proper health care delivery.

Comparatively, Ghana is far ahead of some of her compatriots when it comes to the availability of health facilities, but like the proverbial Oliver Twist, we are still crying for more, largely due to population explosion.

There are still so many districts in Ghana that do not have district hospitals. This makes referral cases from the rural areas very difficult to handle. In fact, serious medical cases from the remote areas usually result in death, because of the distance between the village where the patient is coming from and the nearest district or regional hospital.

It was, therefore, welcome news when President Akufo-Addo announced sometime this year that his administration was going to construct one hundred bed hospitals in all the districts that do not have such facilities.

Looking at the quantum of resources needed to tackle such an ambitious project, there were those who thought it would never happen.

The Chronicle is, therefore, happy with a news report by Day Break Newspaper yesterday, that funding had been secured and that work would start soon in all parts of the country.

The paper quoted a Deputy Minister of Health, Dr Bernard Okoe Boye, as saying that “as I speak, through the very hard work of this government, the President, the Chief of Staff, companies that were taken through rigorous process at the Public Procurement Authority to see whether they have the capacity to handle the projects have gone through all the processes.

“As we speak, in the coming few days, some might even receive signals to come for [the] award letters for the projects to start, so we have gone through a lot of processes. There has been assessment; there has been evaluation; companies have submitted their proposals; we have gone through PPA.”

Dr Okoe Boye was optimistic that the cutting of sods for the projects would officially start as soon as President Akufo-Addo is inaugurated on January 7, next month.

Since Dr Okoe Boye is a well-respected physician and politician, The Chronicle does not think he would make such a major pronouncement if nothing is really going on in the background. Ghanaians are, therefore, anxiously waiting for the start of the project, which will, no doubt, help to boost healthcare delivery in the country.

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