EDITORIAL: Asokore Mampong MCE’s robbery case must thoroughly be investigated

February 16, 2021 By 0 Comments

Asokore Mampong Municipal Chief Executive (MCE), Alidu Seidu, has reportedly been attacked and robbed of his official vehicle at gunpoint, by suspected armed robbers, resulting in insecurity and fear among the residents.
According to the Ghanaian Times report yesterday, the incident occurred at about 11:15 pm on Friday at the Agya Wusu Junction, on the Buobai stretch, when the MCE was said to be returning from the Garden City University Campus.
The story continued that two gun-wielding men stopped the MCE, attacked him and made away with the Toyota Hilux vehicle, with registration number GW 2473-16, that he was using, which had in it his mobile handsets among other valuables.

The Times’ report went further to explain that the attack comes barely two months after the General Assembly Meeting of the Asokore Mampong Municipality ended abruptly when a group of ‘well-built men’ stormed the conference hall, kicking members and smashing items on sight.

The same story under review also revealed that some of the Assembly Members had been accusing the MCE over what they say “is an unfair distribution of streetlights to them”.

These same assembly members also accused the MCE of sidelining them in the distribution of streetlights meant for the 15 electoral areas in the municipality.

If the background information provided by the Ghanaian Times is anything to go by, then one can conveniently say that this armed robbery was planned and we advise the police to delve deeper into the incident.

Activities of armed robbers in recent times cannot be underestimated. However, if a story is told that some of the assembly members are not happy with the MCE over the distribution of streetlights, to the extent that of ‘macho men’ invading and disrupting assembly meeting, and then two months later the MCE is attacked, one does not need a rocket scientist to tell him or her that the attack was internally planned.

However, if our perception of the situation is proved wrong after thorough police investigation proving thatthe MCE’s attack was not planned, then it also tells a story about the state of security in the municipality.

In that circumstance, the MCE must begin to revise his strategy of combating crime in the area. We have repeatedly stated in this column that the scale of armed robbery cases the country is recording in recent times is very alarming.

We may not have the official statistics, but we can boldly state that almost 80% of highway robberies are carried out by foreigners.

Yes, Ghanaians are not saints – we have criminals among us – but we are wondering whether a Ghanaian armed robber can look at the face of a woman in labour and not only robbed her, but also shot and killed an ambulance driver carrying her to hospital.

Ghana, as a country, must tackle the armed robbery cases with all the seriousness it deserves. If it means placing travel ban on countries who are ‘exporting’ these criminals into our motherland, we must do so without blinking of an eye.


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