ECOWAS Parliament Mourns 13,982 COVID-19 Deaths

July 23, 2020 By 0 Comments

Speaker of the ECOWAS Parliament, Sidie Tunis, yesterday, grieved over the alarming rise in the number of deaths across the continent, with over 13,982 deaths.

Tunis made this known at the opening of the second extraordinary Session of the ECOWAS Parliament held virtually, Tunis, said that, especially in West Africa, figures have continued to rise and as at 16th July, 2020, the Continent recorded a total infection rate of 643, 887.

In addition, he said, Africa recorded 332, 888 recoveries and 13,982 deaths, while in West Africa, figures for the same day indicated that total confirmed cases stood at 100,900, total recoveries were 61, 326 and total deaths were 1,642.
According to him, “These figures appear gloomy and disturbing for us, especially since we operate our economies based on daily earning. Consequently, measures put in place, specifically the lockdowns to limit the free spread of the virus were unsustainable. Our people can simply not bear the burden of perpetual lockdown of economic activities with their attendant effects on their daily subsistence.”

Tunis further stated that the parliament is impressed by the measures taken by Heads of State, both collectively and individually to address the spread of the virus and provide palliatives for the people.

He noted that the conduct of the summit was an evidence of the commitment of the Heads of State, not only towards protecting the people against infection, but bringing an early end to the pandemic.

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