DVLA to step up operations

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The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) promises to be more effective with the injection of discipline into its staff and make its operations more customer-friendly.

Ing. Amos Abekah, Regional Director, says his outfit is to instil discipline among workers, particularly in the Ashanti Region.

According to the DVLA Director, who was speaking in an interview with The Chronicle, since the operations of the Authority are human centred, he intends to improve on its client services at all the branches in the region.

Ing. Abekah noted that a disciplined staff in such an organisation would ensure enhanced operations in an open market.

He advised the DVLA clientele to avoid the services of middle men (goro boys) and work directly with officials and identified staff in the processing of documents.

The DVLA Regional Director said clients should always seek clarification from the client service unit to clear all bottlenecks in dealing with the Authority, instead of relying on goro boys, to avert cheating and forged documentation.

Ing. Abeka emphasised that the DVLA was mandated to register all motor vehicles, and that the enforcement of the provisions of the Road Traffic Regulation of the Legislative Instrument L.I. 2180 of 2012 rests on the police.

He appealed to the police to assert its responsibility in this regard, in order not to shift the blame on the DVLA, as if it authorises the use of rickshaws and motorcycles (Okada) for commercial purposes.

The DVLA head also urged the Ghana Highways Authority (GHA) and the police to ensure that vehicles with excessive loads are effectively monitored and sanctioned to avoid potential disasters on our roads.

Ing. Abekah commended the management of the DVLA for the huge investment in technology to enhance its operations.

According to him, the use of technology had, over the years, increased safety and reduced liability in its operations.

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