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Duncan-Williams warns the world – difficult times ahead of us

April 13, 2020 By 0 Comments

Archbishop Nicholas Duncan Williams, leader and founder of Action Chapel International (ACI), has warned that there would be greater tribulations ahead and that what the world is currently experiencing is just the tip of the iceberg.

Likening the situation to that of an expectant mother, he said: “I believe it is like when a woman is pregnant. It takes her nine months or 40 weeks to give birth. But from the first week that she takes in the seed, I believe we are in the first [and] second month of the tribulation days.

“We have not yet gotten to the ninth month of the tribulation. The time of the delivery and the time of the travail to give birth to the child – we are in the season. We have entered into the season of tribulation. We have not yet gotten to the great tribulation and I believe the rapture and the first resurrection will take place within the time of the tribulations…”

Since there is a ban on mass gathering including church service, the Archbishop through social media and YouTube reached thousands of viewers through these virtual platforms to deliver his Easter sermon dubbed: “The first resurrection”.

According to him, he belonged to the school of thought that believes that things that are going on in the world are signs that rapture will take place within this season of tribulation.

He said one needs to read and to gain insight from Matthew Chapter 24 and the Book of Revelations to know humans are not in normal times.He added that the only option available to humanity is salvation through Jesus Christ and that could only be achieved by repentance, believing in his crucifixion, resurrection, interceding on one’s behalf among others.

The Archbishop warned that rapture or the second coming of Jesus Christ is not far from happening because the signs preceding his coming are all manifesting.

According to him, the ‘enemy’ has deployed deception as a weapon to deceive mankind from believing the truth of God and as a result, the apathy that would occur in the church will be unbelievable. God will, therefore, cut short the time to save his own before the great tribulation while he cast those who will be judged into the lake of fire.

The Archbishop urged believers to reach out to the needy and help them as mandated by the scriptures, saying: “After we are saved, God expected of us to reach out to the needy. We reach out not because we have, but we give because we care.

“Sometimes it takes a lot of sacrifice to reach out to the vulnerable and needy in our community.  But it is a necessity laid upon us to do the things that we do. We do the things we do not because we are loaded and have big pockets and we don’t know what to do with our resources, but we give because we care.” He preached his sermon from the book of Matthew 28:6, and Ephesians 4:10.


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