D-Black explains why he is a lazy rapper

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Ghanaian musician and businessman, Desmond Kwesi Blackmore, known in showbiz as D Black has said that he decided not to write good rap songs anymore because he has realized it does not pay that much.
According to D-Black, who spoke with Abeiku Santana on the famous ‘Atuu’ show, the days he worked hard writing good raps on his songs are over because he couldn’t make enough money from his career, but immediately he released his hit song ‘Vera’ which has little rap verses, his life changed.
“When I was rapping, I was broke. When I was doing my rap stuff I was getting the accolades but I didn’t get money.

“I went to the BET with $800 and when I came back I was broke for a very long time. But when I wrote and recorded ‘Vera’ everything changed for me”, he stressed.
According to the business mogul, he has not stopped rap music but he is just trying to be ultra-commercial.
D-Black has been criticised in the past by music critics over his style of music. Many have said that the kind of rap he does in his music does not befit someone known to be a Hip-Pop artiste. He has also been given the tag of ‘lazy rapper’.

Source: My News GH

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