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‘Counsel’ for Western Togoland Separatists arrested in court

December 18, 2020 By 0 Comments

The Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the Ghana Police Service has arrested the ‘Lawyer’ representing the Western Togoland separatist who are currently facing numerous charges in court.
Dennis Seyram Benson, 42, was arrested yesterday at the Kaneshie District Court for parading himself as a lawyer to defend suspects involved in the Western Togoland brouhaha.
Dennis has been representing the group since the commencement of the hearing of the case from September 2020.
But according to the release by the Public Affairs Unit of the CID, the police mounted investigations into Dennis background to ascertain whether he was a lawyer or not, because his demeanor at the court aroused suspicion.
The release indicated the police found out that Dennis was not a lawyer and has, therefore, been arrested and remanded in police custody to assist in investigations.
Background on Western Togoland Separatists
The Separatists who are currently facing charges of treason felony, conspiracy to commit crime, namely treason felony, conspiracy to commit crime, participating in a campaign of prohibited organisation, conspiracy to commit crime and causing unlawful damage were hauled to the court for vandalising parts of the Volta Region, hours after they were discharged by a Circuit Courts in Accra.
The group, known as the Homeland Study Group Foundation has been campaigning for the succession of parts of the Volta, Oti, Northern, North East and Upper East Regions of Ghana.
The Leader of the group, Charles Kormi Kudzodzi, declared independence for the ‘Western Togoland’ territory on November 16, 2019.
Some of the reasons the group gave for their actions was that the Western Togoland was an independent state before it was forced to join Ghana after the 1956 plebiscite.
They also claimed that the people of the Volta Region have been suppressed for a very long time, hence their action.

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