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Bring it on –Hopeson Adorye dares NDC

July 21, 2020 By 0 Comments

Hopeson Yaovi Adorye, 2020 parliamentary candidate of  the New Patriotic Party (NPP) for Kpone-Katamanso Constituency, says he and the party are geared up to match the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC’s) political thuggery in the area.

As a former party ‘boy’ who says he knows the NDC like his palm, Mr Adorye said: “I want to tell the NDC in this constituency that if they bring their ‘patapaa‘ (to wit, rough tactics) in this year’s elections, I am ready to face them. Men will meet men.”

Speaking to The Chronicle on the sideline of a presser he organised at Kpone to expose the alleged NDC’s calculated moves to sneak in foreigners to partake in the area’s voters’ registration exercise, Mr Adorye explained that his political opponent (NDC) was bent on adopting a series of guerilla tactics to intimidate the NPP. Also, he observed that the NDC were deep into tribal political campaigns in the constituency.

“But, you know something? I can promise the NDC that Hopeson Yaovi Adorye is ready for their crude tactics because they don’t know what I also have under my sleeves. The days the NDC intimidated the electorate and had their way is over. I will meet them with ‘patapaa’ if they start it before and during the December 7 elections.

“I must promise them that they are losing the Kpone-Katamanso Constituency to me and the NPP for the first time. They have lost this seat in advance, and my victory will send shocking waves in Ghana as the first NPP candidate to beat the NDC to this seat.”

Mr Adorye’s confidence, he told The Chronicle, was a result of the cosmopolitan nature of Kpone-Katamanso, which used to be Ga-dominated.

In view of this, he explained that the voting pattern of Kpone-Katamanso would not “be one way” as it used to be.

“I’ve been a resident of this constituency for many years, and with my ability to break into the families of the natives and getting them to support and believe me and our President and flag-bearer, I can confidently tell the NDC that I’ve finished them.

“The NPP in this constituency will not lose this seat on December 7, and you can mark my words,” confident Hopeson Yaovi Adorye said.

He said he would defeat the NDC with 10,000 votes difference, “and I want to tell them this ahead of time. What, for me, is more important is my preparedness to meet their ‘patapaa‘ with ‘patapaa‘ if they bring it on.”

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