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Break down of pontoon at Dambai in Oti Region distressing

December 14, 2020 By 0 Comments

Commuters from the Oti Region and other parts of the country have expressed concerns following the breakdown of the pontoon at Dambai, the Oti Regional capital, for days, a development, they said, had made business activities slow, as vehicles with passengers from the northern parts have to return and use the Damanko-Kpassa road travel to Accra and other destinations.
They explained that using the pontoon at Dambai made traveling shorter and cost effective than travelling through Damanko-Kpassa through to Krachi-Nkwanta, which, according to them, was affecting business activities.
They have, therefore, appealed to the government, as a short term measure, to replace the old pontoon at Dambai with a new one, while it builds a bridge over River Oti as a long term measure to address problems associated with traveling in the area.
A businesswoman from Ashiaman, Madam Agnes Poku, said she had spent five days at Dambai with the hope that the pontoon would be repaired, but the way it was being delayed, she had decided to divert and travel through Krachi-Nkwanta through Kpassa-Damanko to the Northern Region to enable her to transact business.
She further said this had made her spend part of her money reserved for business on payment of accommodation at Dambai, which she did not plan for.
According to Madam Poku, even though canoes with outboard motors were available at Dambai, she had never travelled with any before, and would not be able to use it, because would not be able to allow the driver to travel through Nkwanta while she would cross the river leaving her vehicle behind, which would bring much stress on her.
A driver with passengers from Accra, Alhaji Ibrahim Nuhu, said he spent one day at Dambai with the hope that the pontoon would be repaired, but nothing had been done, and since there were no personnel available to explain anything to him.
He added that most of the passengers asked him to ply the Krachi-Nkwanta road, but considering the distance, he would lose.
Alhaji Ibrahim Nuhu disclosed that some of the passengers suggested to him that he should return part of their fares to them to enable them rather cross the Oti River with canoes to continue their journey, to which he explained that if he agreed, it would make him lose because the distance from Accra was more than what was left to cover.

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