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Amidu barks over nomination of new SP

April 30, 2021 By 0 Comments

The outspoken former Special Prosecutor, Martin Alamisi Barnes Kaiser Amidu, says he was honouring an undertaking by his silence after resigning from his job late last year, until the nomination of Kissi Agyebeng as his replacement disrupted his rest.
Kissi Agyebeng, lawyer and lecturer at University of Ghana, Legon, has been nominated and presented to President Akufo-Addo by the Attorney General, Godfred Dame, to replace Amidu.
However, serving the public with another episode of his epistles after a long while, Mr Amidu warned that he should not be defamed in the propaganda to nominate a new Special Prosecutor.
Exhibiting once again, his writing prowess, Mr Amidu, while describing the nominee as a “surrogate,” also referred to the risk of corruption assessment he did on the Agyapa deal before leaving office.
He was responding to a media report that civil society criticised his reasons for resigning, a claim he said was fabrication to aid the appointment “of its new surrogate and preferred Agyapa Special Prosecutor.”
Mr Amidu wanted Asaase Radio, whose report he was responding to, to state that “its surrogate and nominee Special Prosecutor in the published letter is a personal friend and classmate of the Attorney General, and the owner of Asaase Radio, all of whom attended the University of Ghana’s Faculty of Law and Ghana Law School.”
This position of the former Special Prosecutor on the new nominee has met some criticisms by a section of Ghanaians on social media.
Among others, NDC member Dela Coffie said yesterday on Facebook that: “I’m seeing a lot of my folks copiously quoting Martin Amidu on the matter of the nomination of Kissi Agyebeng as the Special Prosecutor. Martin is a long-standing cadre and activist, and I’m sure he has a lot to say about leadership accountability in the NDC. I just hope that when he speaks, Seth Doe and his likes will not turn around and call him a bitter man. We have very interesting days ahead of us.”
Another, Nanor Haris commented that: “Martin could do nothing yet keeps talking, at the end of the day people will turn around and claim there is culture of silence. What’s the essence of calling him a surrogate when he failed as a prosecutor even with all the resources made available to him?”
Read part of the full statement from Amidu
Anybody deeply knowledgeable about the Agyapa Royalties Transaction Corruption Risk Assessment report which resulted in my eventual resignation as the first Special Prosecutor knows that one of the beneficiaries of the Agyapa Royalties Transaction is Africa Legal Associates whose contract to participate in the transaction was found to be contrary to the Public Procurement Act and tainted by bid rigging.
Until 20th March 2020 Agyapa Royalties Limited was incorporated as Asaase Royalties Limited on 5th November 2019 in Jersey, the United Kingdom. Anybody who cares to know, knows that the alter ego of Africa Legal Associates is a cousin of the President who also established Asaase Radio which began official transmission on 14th June 2020.
The Agyapa Royalties Transaction records show the role the President’s cousin who established Africa Legal Associates, and Asaase Radio played with White & Case LLP, of London, one of the foreign law firms in the suspected corruption transaction.
It must, therefore, be worrying to any patriotic Ghanaian not afraid of the culture of silence to see Asaase Radio undertaking political propaganda beginning on 25th April 2021 to 26th April 2021 to prepare the minds of the Ghanaian and international public to accept the surrogate of the alter ego of the Asaase Radio station and Africa Legal Associates as the Special Prosecutor as mandated under section 4(1) of the Office of the Special Prosecutor Act, 2018 (Act 959).

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