Alhaji Umar Bodinga supports Kukurantumi Mosque with building materials

September 10, 2020 By 0 Comments

The Eastern Regional 1st Vice Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Alhaji Umar Bodinga, popularly called Field Marshall, has donated 100 bags of cement, 3,000 blocks, two tonnes of iron rods, and a trip of limestone to support the construction of the Akyem Kukurantumi Mosque in the Abuakwa North Constituency.

According to him, the donations are in fulfillment of a promise he made to the zongo community when they approached him for support to complete the Central Mosque.

“There is something in Islam as compared to Christians paying of tithe, and we know tithing is one way to worship God – to honour him as your provider, which allows you to regularly remind yourself of God’s faithfulness and express gratitude to him by giving to meet the needs of others.”

After the Friday prayers, the Kukurantumi Zongo community had a meeting on how to complete the Central Mosque, “to which I was a member promised to support them with the little I have.”

The NPP 1st Vice Chairman hinted that after solemn and careful discussions with his wife about the donations, the latter motivated him to go ahead since it was a kind gesture to be jealous about, and even supported with a trip of limestone.

Alhaji Umar Bodinga explained that the construction of an ultra-modern mosque had become necessary, following overcrowding with its health and social implications.

According to him, the new Central Mosque, when completed, would boast of spacious prayer points and upgrades to the facility’s septic and regular source of water among others to improve religious and personal hygiene.

He mentioned that apart from the aforementioned, “I have supported a lot, mostly when it comes to giving alms; I donated 100 bags of cement to [the] Upper East Mosque and other mosques within the municipality.”

He further said: “Plans are far advanced to support a yet to be named mosque with ceiling fans and washrooms, as well as to build a wash room at Akyem Osiem, where Muslims can wash their dead bodies before burial

“When a loved one dies, most of us turn to a funeral home or crematorium, in other words morgue, to take care of the body, but in the Islamic tradition, it’s different. I have noticed how Muslims suffer at Hawa Memorial Hospital when they lose beloved brother or sister.”

Thus he disclosed: “I have taken it upon myself to build a washroom for the Muslims at Osiem in consultation with the Zongo Chief and imams.”

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