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Airbus Scandal Probe Unearths forgery -SP

July 24, 2020 By 0 Comments

The Special Prosecutor (SP), Mr Martin Alamisi Barnes Kaiser Amidu, has said that investigations into the infamous Airbus SE scandal have revealed suspected commission of other related crimes.
According to the Special Prosecutor, his probe has revealed that crimes of impersonation as graduates of the University of Ghana, a civil servant, and forgeries in the application for the acquisition of a Ghanaian passport connect to the Airbus bribery case.
He explained that even the guarantors of the passport of Samuel Adam Mahama, formed prima facie abettors of the impersonation and forgeries.
The SP has since jabbed that “the unethical and touting lawyer sought to know better that the guarantors of the Ghanaian passport are prima facie abettors of the impersonation and forgeries, as much as the guarantor who claimed falsely to be [a] civil servant. The passport has relevance to documents employed in facilitating the Airbus SE (Ghana) bribery,” he said.
The above was contained in a statement issued yesterday, and signed by Mr Amidu, which sought to respond to reactions that greeted news of an Interpol Red Notice on Samuel Adam Mahama and three others.
There were mixed reactions, with a section of Ghanaians, mainly some communicators of the largest opposition party, describing the alert as fake. The police subsequently issued a statement to defend its authenticity.
In his response, Mr Amidu took a swipe at lawyers who did not believe the originality of the Interpol Red Notice, saying such tantrums meant nothing to him. He held that experienced lawyers would not engage in such fulminations.
“The SP also learnt later and read online that a bunch of young, inexperienced, and unethical lawyers were referring to the Red Notices as fake, while at the same time, heaping insults and attributing unwarranted motives to the person and character of the SP for doing his work as the Special Prosecutor to fight provable corruption.”
“The unwarranted fulminations or tantrums of an undistinguished former crown counsel in the UK, who could not talk silk there, or other junior lawyers, mean nothing to a former Ghanaian (longest serving) Deputy Attorney General, Minister of the Interior, and Attorney General of the Republic of Ghana, in terms of the appreciation of the criminal law and procedure of Ghana.
These lawyers, he called unethical, who attacked his person and character over the Interpol notice, Mr Amidu added, “are lawyers who are in their twenties and early thirties; they have not even yet cut their teeth at the Ghana Bar.”
“Experienced practicing and distinguished lawyers cannot be found amongst those at the radio stations, unethically touting as a lawyer to attract clients.”
Meanwhile, the SP took a strong view at the statement issued by the Police CID to clarify the Interpol alert was genuine. He described the police’s action as needless, especially as Interpol states the law agency that made the request.
He said: “This, as an independent and active agency, took the view that the publication made on its behalf was unusual, extraordinary, needless, and gratuitous, as every Interpol Red Notice states in its content the law enforcement agency at whose behest it is issued.”
The Office of the Special Prosecutor assured all Ghanaians that it cannot, and will not, be an instrument of any political party in its fight against corruption.
“Crime will always remain crime, no matter whose ox is gored. It is better not to try to look into the eyes of the snake, as the supporters of the four fugitives wanted for prosecution have made it their past time to do,” Mr Amidu asserted in the release.

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