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Ahafo Regional Minister-designate reveals antidote to MPs, MMDCEs conflicts

March 3, 2021 By 0 Comments

The Ahafo Regional Minister-designate, George Yaw Boakye, has revealed an antidote to end the series of conflicts that exist between Members of Parliament (MPs) and Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) that have been obstacle to development in the country.

Answering questions when he appeared before the Appointments Committee of Parliament, the Regional Minister-designate said he will organise a breakfast meetings thrice in a year for MPs and MDCEs in his region when given the nod to serve to help curb the said menace.

According to him, the meeting will allow before parties to share their concerns to be addressed by all. “By so doing, both MPs and MDCEs will understand themselves and know that they should work together for a common goal,” he stated.

He added, after listening to the two parties, his experience as a former MP and DCE will be shares to ensure the residents get the best from them, which is obviously development. “Once we work as a solid team, development will be in abundance for our people,” he said.

Aside the measure to end conflicts between MPs and MMDCEs, George Yaw Boakye also touched on three things he will initiate to help improve the living standards of the people, and also seen as legacies.

He said measures will be put in place to ensure that sustainable jobs are created for majority of the youth to help improve themselves and their families. According to him, although it will not be easy, it is achievable, and once it is done, social vices in the region will be curbed.

Again, his focus will be on the construction of the road networks, which is a major challenge to the people. In his explanation, measures will be put in place for contractors to work on both the highways and feeder roads at all assemblies to ease the numerous of stress residents encounter during their daily activities.

Speaking on his final legacy for the region, George Yaw Boakye disclosed to the 26 MPs forming the 2021 vetting committee chaired by First Deputy Speaker of Parliament and MP for Asante Bekwai that steps will be taken to intensify girl-child education in the region.

“I will create a link for regional and districts girl child education officers to help encourage girls to take their education seriously,” he stated.

He mentioned that once more girls are motivated and supported in their education, it will go a long way to build and develop the region, and the country as a whole.

“When the Regional Minister-designate is given the nod, he will be the second minister after the creation of the region.

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