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AG Praises MMDAs For Proper Implementation Of Projects

June 16, 2020 By 0 Comments

The Auditor General, Mr Daniel Domelevo, has commended governments District Development Facility (DDF) project, saying it has improved infrastructure delivery in Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs).

He said the project has significantly impacted on the Socio-economic development of the communities in the country.

This was contained in a latest audit report carried out by the Audit Service of Ghana and signed by the Auditor General.

The DDF is a project by the Government of Ghana (GoG) which was initiated in 2008.The government of Ghana partnered with the governments of Germany, France, Canada and Denmark in 2008 to ensure improved access to funds for MMDAs.

This was due to the fact that access to funds by the Metropolitan, Municipal and District assemblies (MMDAs) for implementation of local socioeconomic development projects was limited.

Subsequently, the Government of Ghana between 2008 and 2018 through the implementation of DDF invested GH¢ 848.7 Million in 6,490 small scale infrastructure projects across MMDAs, whilst about GH¢63 million had also been spent to build the capacity of staff of MMDAs Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development (MLGRD) is mandated by the 1992 Constitution to supervise the Local Government Authorities in the country.

The audit service sought to ascertain whether the Assemblies were capable of planning, procuring contractors, supervising and monitoring the delivery of selected projects in accordance with sound administrative principles, practices and management policies to guarantee Value for Money.

The report indicated that it scoped three projects each, from 30 MMDAs constructed between 2008 and 2019 by each Assembly for the audit to determine whether they met the required standard specifications and guaranteed Value for Money.

It found out that funds for DDF projects have been constant and has brought improvement to deserving districts in the country and that there is evidence of a higher completion rate of projects funded through DDF compared to other GoG funded projects because payments to contractors are regular.

It also found out that although there have been quality issues of the completed facilities that need to be improved, in general DDF funded projects are executed better than other GoG funded projects because they are not suspended for a period to be continued in a later date.

The report indicated that the project has been satisfactory in that cchildren no longer had to close from school because of rain, sanitation had improved where toilets were provided and CHPS compounds brought relief to the sick in the communities.

However, the report stated observed that there are some deficiencies that exist that need to be addressed for the successful role out of the project.

It explained that staff of the MMDAs are constantly transferred and never get to complete a cycle at one location. It saids some staff who spent less than one year, even in some instances four months in a district, and transferred to another all to the detriment of institutional memory.

The report indicated that the constant transfer is an excuse used by the MMDAs not to account for their stewardship.

Constant transfers of the few professional staff at the MMDAs are undermining their capacity to perform.

It also observed that these transfers were affecting the smooth implementation and management of the project and deprives the Assemblies continuity and institutional memory to carry out projects to completion.

Furthermore, constant replacement of staff especially the Works Department disrupts the smooth implementation of projects and leads to compromises in delivery time and quality, because at the transition from old to new staff, the contractors are not supervised, the report said.


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