Accra Commando warns miscreants who attack churches during ban on noise-making

The Greater Accra Regional House of Chiefs and the Regional Security Council have vowed to deal harshly with miscreants who would attack and harass faith-based organisations during the period of the ban on noise-making.

The House and Council have agreed to apply the law to deal with such persons to promote peace, and law and order in the region.

Similarly, faith-based organisations which would breach the observation of no noise-making would be summoned and sanctioned by the Council.

In a declaration signed between the House, Council and religious bodies at Dodowa yesterday, the observation of the annual ban on noise-making would be enforced by the various assemblies, in collaboration with the Ghana Police Service.

The meeting between the Councils and the religious bodies was facilitated by the Regional Minister, Henry Quartey.

Mr. Quartey explained during question time that the House was not coerced to come to terms with the religious bodies on the enforcement of the ban.

He said: “Our mandate is to ensure peace in this region and to ensure [a] win-win situation in the performance of traditional rites.”

Thus the House has agreed for microphones and clapping of hands within enclosed areas, and within an accepted decimal.

Although the current arrangement is temporary, it was also agreed that going forward a roadmap on the implementation of the ban on noise-making would be developed.

Speaking on behalf of the faith-based organisations, Rev. Lawrence Tetteh lamented over how miscreants were taking advantage of the ban on noise-making to attack and vandalise their equipment.


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