WWE to cut Kofi Kingston?

Kofi KingstonWith a decline in profits Vince McMahon is looking at releasing more talents

Ghana’s first and only wrestling star Kofi Kingston is in danger of being cut from the WWE after a release of the company’s earnings showed a steep decline.

Earlier in the year WWE shockingly released a lot of the talent that hadn’t been used regularly on TV including JTG and Teddy Long who made a one off return for Smackdown’s 15th Anniversary a few weeks ago.

Aksana was one of the big shocks on the list along with Drew Macintyre and Jinder Mahal from 3MB because they were appearing regularly on both Raw and Smackdown when their releases were announced and have all since moved on to other wrestling companies.

With the continued decline in TV numbers other stars like Kingston,veteran Rey Mysterio,Fandango,Zack Ryder and Big have all being penned as possible cuts based on their level of activity and current drawing power.

Kingston,whose storyline has him originating from Jamaica has been with the organisation since 2008 and has gone on to win several titles. Source: Allsports.com.gh






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