When a notorious criminal is captured!

The collaborative effort between Ghanaian and Togolese police personnel, leading to the arrest of Johnson Kombian, the notorious killer and armed robber, tells everything about what neighbours could reap with co-operation.

Kombian has terrorized the inhabitants of Nakpanduri and its neighbourhood in the Bunkpurugbu-Yoyoo District of the Northern Region for far too long.

We recall with regret the insecurity that forced a sizeable number of people to flee from the district into Togo to seek  refuge. There is every reason to align that disturbance with the activities of this notorious killer and armed robber.

It is to the Glory of God that Kombian was apprehended a day before the mortal remains of his latest victim, Police Constable Prince Asare, could be lowered into the grave in his hometown.  We sympathise with the bereaved family, and pray that the Almighty himself would give them the strength to overcome their grief.

The Chronicle takes this opportunity to caution the police to ensure that the notorious robber and killer is kept under lock and key, and is available to face the nation’s justice system. That means keeping a very close eye on him, so that he does not play any of his old tricks on those guarding him.

We are thrilled by the President’s statement of appreciation directed at the Togolese authorities, whose co-operation ensured that Kombian was once more back in the cooler.

We are also assured by Prof. John Evans Atta Mills’ commitment to support the police in Ghana to be up and doing in their very difficult assignment of keeping a tab on criminals, and creating a secure atmosphere for peace-loving Ghanaians to go about their lawful duties.

We would like to assure the Presidency that as a member of the fourth estate of the realm, The Chronicle would continue to monitor Presidential promises. At the last count, there were quite a number that have still not been redeemed.

We hope and pray that equipping the security services would not end with the provision of a few vehicles. We would like to believe that other equipment like modernised communication gadgets, uniforms and even boots, could give the men and women in black the incentive to be a bit more daring in their very difficult assignment of ensuring that citizens could sleep without keeping one eye open.

Modern policing is a costly business. It is the hope of this paper that we would walk our talk. Once again, we salute the men and women who did the wonderful job over the week-end.

The Chronicle shares the joy of the Ghanaian cop in the activities that have put Kombian in the cooler. It is a job well done!

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