We will not pay tolls -Odawna traders

By Bernice Bessey & Pix Eric Owiredu

Odawna traders have threatened to stop paying daily tolls to the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), because the waste management company responsible for the area is not collecting their refuse and sweeping the market as the previous waste company used to do.

According to the traders, although there are waste containers available at the market premises, they are charged a token before allowed to dispose of their refuse.

The Accra File visited the market and met the traders exchanging words with the toll collectors over a toll of Gp10. One of the traders named Esther said not that they cannot afford the daily tolls, but were rather expecting the assembly to perform its duties accordingly.

She complained that because tokens are collected at refuse dispose points, some of the traders are disposing rubbish indiscriminately at places not meant for that purpose.

“Why should I pay daily tolls, when I waste every morning sweeping, and also pay for deposing refuse that must be done by the assembly. So I won’t pay today or tomorrow,” she angrily said.   She added that due to this practice of indiscriminate disposal of waste by some traders, whenever it rains, some portions of the market get flooded, and their wares destroyed.

The file noted some traders dumping refuse into a walled drain in the middle of the market, while others were pushing rubbish under the sheds and stalls.

Meanwhile, the assembly reported a loss of revenue due to the unwillingness of the traders to occupy the stalls and sheds, and has threatened to reallocate unoccupied spaces to interested persons.

Since most of the assembly’s revenues are generated from tolls paid by market traders, the authorities must also make sure that their duties and responsibilities meet the satisfaction of the traders, in order to convince them to contribute willingly to the development of the city, and the country as a whole.

Pix: The empty Odawna Market

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