Waste collectors demand illegal money at waste containers

By: Naa Betty Mingle & Erica Kwapong

Waste collectors dumping rubbish after taking money from a resident at Korle Gonno

The Accra File has noticed that some waste collectors in certain parts of the city are making ‘illegal money’ from rubbish collection, which is still a major problem for most citizens in Accra, even though the waste companies they work for pay them for this duty.

The amount charged for garbage depends on the size of the garbage container or bag.

Some residents of Accra have described this as ridiculous, since they claim the workers take monthly salaries from their respected companies.

In an interview with the Accra File, a resident at Korle-Gonno White House, Naa Koshie Lamptey, said, “This is becoming very unbearable to us, because I don’t see the reason why we have to pay for garbage, when it is their work.”

Nii Odah, also a resident of the area, in commiserating with them said, “For me, I understand their work is not easy, especially, when human excreta are disposed into the garbage in our various houses, but they have to take one amount for any size of garbage, because everyone eats where he works,” he added.

Another resident, Becky Lawson, also noted: “Everyone knows their work is very difficult, and people with good heart will give it to them free, willingly,” adding, “this is a very wrong strategy they have taken, and I will say it is not wise.”

Meanwhile, a garbage collector, Ataa Armah, said, “It is true we take specific amounts for the size of garbage can, because this work is not as easy as people think; because we sit here for more than 15 hours ensuring sanity in the environment.”

Other personnel accepted the complaint that money was being taken from people, noting that it was done at every disposing joint. One of them affirmed: “I pay GH¢25 for each bin disposed by the truck,” adding, “even my manager (whose name he withheld) takes GH¢10 from me each day; all from the money I collect.”

He further stated: “We take money because most people are very stubborn, and the moment I leave here, instead of throwing the garbage into the can, they will just scatter it on the ground. I am even better, because my predecessors were taking much more money.”

The residents disclosed that big-sized polythene bag costs Gp30, while the small and medium sizes cost Gp10 and 20 respectively.

The residents appealed to the waste companies to put an end to this, and give a fixed amount for any garbage, and with that, the wrong acts committed by people would stop.

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