Victim confessed she is a witch

By Helena Selby

… Jesus OneTouch’s wife tells court

Kofi Yirenkyi a.k.a Jesus OneTouch

The wife of Kofi Yirenkyi a.k.a Jesus OneTouch, Founder and General Overseer of Jesus Blood Prophetic Ministry International, has informed the court trying her husband on allegations of defiling his biological daughter, that the victim confessed to her earlier on that she was a witch.

Akosua Adjeiwa Twumasi, who is in the witness box responding to cross-examination from state prosecutors, yesterday told the court, presided over by Mrs. Georgina Mensah-Datsa, that the victim, on several occasions, had boasted whilst playing with other kids of being a queen somewhere, and that no one could harm her.

However, the witness could not tell within which kingdom the victim claimed to be a queen. According to Adjeiwa, the victim had once confessed that she was sent to hit her (witness) and the accused person, Kofi Yirenkyi a.k.a Jesus OneTouch, with a stick during the night, but a light which appeared on her way, prevented her from doing so.

She noted that with the victim making such confessions, her husband and other persons decided to exorcise the spirit in her through daily prayers.

According to the witness, she has been married to the accused person for the past seven years, and that the victim came to live with them when she was five years old, adding that she had always shown great concern to the victim, just like any of her biological kids in the household.

The witness further told the court that she never heard it directly from Efo, a security man, that he had been inserting his finger in the victim’s vagina, but heard it from her husband.

A16-year-old nephew of the accused person, Kwame Asare, who claimed to have stayed with the accused person for the past seven years, during his examination-in-chief by counsel for the accused, told the court that there had never been any day between Monday and Friday that the victim was left home all alone.

He said all the children in the household, including the victim, go to school in the mornings, adding that the accused person was never at home by the time they left for school.

According to him, on Sundays none of the children were left at home, as they were all taken to church in a van, whilst the accused person drove in a different car.

According to him, there had never been an occasion that the victim was driven in the same car with the accused person.

When he was questioned about the whereabouts of one Efo, who lived with them, he told the court that Efo used to live with them, and does the ironing and weeding of the house.
The witness told the court that the accused person once woke him up from sleep with the explanation that the victim had something to tell them.

According to him, the victim told them that Efo, who lived with them, entered the van to play with her when she was alone, but when the accused person questioned Efo on the issue, he claimed he was just playing with the victim.

According to the witness, he once saw the victim in Efo’s room one afternoon, and again, when Efo was questioned, he confessed inserting his finger into victim’s vagina, which made the accused person hit him.

He said the issue was then reported to the police, who asked them to report the next day, but Efo eloped, therefor based on this, they could not report back to the police station, as requested.

He told the court that there had never been a time that the accused had beaten any of the children in the household, or even used a belt to beat any of them.

During cross-examination by the prosecutor, Kwame Asare, who claimed he saw the victim in Efo’s room, noted that he usually gets home from school at 4:00 p.m., and that he might have seen them together at about 5:00 p.m.

The case was therefore adjourned to December 8, 2010.
Kofi Yirenkyi is standing two counts of defilement and incest, and pleaded not guilty to all the charges leveled against him. He is currently in police custody.

The facts of the case are that the victim, who was born out of wedlock, lived with the complainant, Madam Bernice Owiredu Asmaa, until 2005, when she left to live with the accused person at McCarthy Hill in Accra to attend school.

According to the prosecution, between 2008 and 2009, the accused started defiling the victim before every church service.

In November 2009, the accused granted the victim’s mother the opportunity to talk to her because she was putting up a bad behaviour, the prosecutor told the court.

According to the prosecutor, it was during the interaction that the victim revealed her ordeal to the complainant, who reported the case to the police, adding that the police gave her a form for a medical check up.

Nana Yirenkyi was later arrested and put before court.

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