U/West RCC Donates Motorbikes To Police

From Musah Umar Farouq

DCOP Kwasi MensahThe Upper West Regional Coordinating Council has presented six motorbikes to the Regional Police Command to augment efforts to combat armed robbery in the region. The quality bikes, estimated to cost GH¢179,400, are to be used for patrols along isolated routes noted for robbery activities in the region.

The bikes were purchased through the contributions of the 10 political districts and the Wa Municipality, with support from the Regional Co-ordinating Council. The Regional Minister, Alhaji Amin Amidu Sulemani, said it was the RCC’s contribution to contain the menace of armed robbery that has terrorised certain parts of the region recently.

“There is the urgent need to confront the menace head-on, and it would require such logistics to enable the police to overcome the situation,” Alhaji Sulemani said at a presentation ceremony.

“We have discussed the situation at length at the level of the Regional Security Council, and we are exploring all ways to help the police contain the situation of armed robbery incidences in the region. We believe these motorbikes would help the police patrol the isolated zones and track robbers and potential robbers,” he said.

TheAlhaji Sulemani, himself once a victim of an armed robbery attack, said they would do their best to ensure people went about their daily activities without fear of armed robbery. He appealed to individuals and institutions within the region to support the activities of the police with fuel for patrol duties.

The Regional Police Commander, DCOP Kwasi Mensah Duku, expressed profound gratitude to the Regional Minister and the RCC, and indicated their readiness to reciprocate the intervention, by deploying men to track down armed robbers. He said the motorbikes had arrived in good time to enable the police contain incidences of robbery along some routes, and appealed to the public for support.

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