U/E Mad Over Minister’s Profligacy 

From William Nlanjerbor JALULAH, Bolgatanga

Mr. James Zuugah Tiigah Upper East Regional Minister 2AT A time residents of Bolgatanga were worried about deep and wide pot-holes on the township roads and malfunctioned traffic and street lightening systems, the administrators of Upper East Regional Coordinating Council led by Mr. James Zuugah Tiigah as Regional Minister, blew about GHC5,000 on Christmas trees to beautify the streets during 2015 Christmas season.

The move angered many residents who described the decision of the regional minister as senseless and insensitive to their plight, because they believed the money could have been used to fix some the aforementioned issues.

As if to aggravate the anger of residents, the minister revealed that four out of the six trees purchased were stolen just a day after they were placed at various locations within the township stretch of the Bolgatanga-Navrongo highway.

Mr. Tiigah announced the purchase of the trees at a dinner organized by the RCC for heads of departments and agencies before the Christmas break. He revealed he was advised not to purchase the trees but he refused because he believed Bolgatanga as the regional capital deserved beautification duration the yuletide season.

“When we finished, we didn’t even commission them and people went and stole them. Yes, go and see. People went and stole them. How can we develop? People told me to stop and I said I won’t”, he insisted. None of the Minister’s justifications for spending such an amount on Christmas trees went down well with residents.

Expressing their anger in separate interviews with this reporter in Bolgatanga, residents condemned such a decision and described it as senseless, wasteful and insensitive to the many developmental problems of the area, including malfunctioning Street and traffic lightening systems.

Though he claimed the council spent GHC 4,330 – but our sources said the amount was  GHC 5,000.But interestingly, the Public Relations Officer at the RCC, Mr. Eugene Dong-purye insisted decorating the streets of the capital with Christmas trees was necessary considering the season.

Speaking on A1 Radio in Bolgatanga, he contended that the move was a good venture because it was to create awareness of the season after a long year of toiling, working and suffering adding that Christmas comes once in a year and therefore needed to be acknowledged.

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