Trinidad Mayor, AMA collaborate to make Accra a Millennium City

Story by Naa Betty Mingle

Dr. Lee Sing appreciating the gifts from the Accra Mayor during his visit (left), The Accra Mayor exchanging greetings with some elders at the Ga Manste palace (right)

Mr. Louis Lee Sing, Mayor of the Port au Prince, Trinidad, on a visit to the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) last Thursday, gave the assurance that there would be collaboration between the two cities to make the dream of Accra becoming a Millennium City a reality.

He therefore commended the Accra Mayor for his efforts, saying, “The city is much better, compared to when I visited two years ago.”

Dr. Alfred Oko Vanderpujie, Mayor of Accra and Chief Executive Officer AMA, in appreciation of the visit gave him a branded muffler and artifacts to appreciate his visit.
He also said the AMA and the Mayor of Port au Prince would form an alliance which will allow the exchange of visits, in order to learn from each other’s country.

He further took the opportunity to appeal to Mr. Lee Sing to assist in the educational fund initiated by the Assembly, to assist children in the city to have a good education.

The Accra Mayor took his august counterpart on a tour of the city to inspect some recent developments.

Meanwhile, Dr. Alfred Oko Vanderpujie donated a double set of furniture, worth GH¢140,000, to the Ga Mantse’s Palace last weekend.

According to the Mayor of Accra, it was his responsibility to foster the relationship between the Ga Mantse and the AMA, adding that the institution of chieftaincy plays a major role in the country’s development.

He disclosed that recently, some elders from the palace approached him to assist in providing furniture for the palace, since the furniture was destroyed during a recent dispute.

He said: “The assembly will continue to assist the Ga Mantse Palace to ensure that the relationship is intact.”

The Mayor reiterated that the President had declared 2011 as ‘Action Year’, and he that would do everything possible to turn Accra into a Millennium City.

Some elders in the palace, on behalf of the Ga Mantse, showed appreciation for the efforts made by the Mayor, and further thanked him for the good work he was doing.
He hoped that more of such support would come from other organisations.

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