Traders take over Neoplan Station

By Naa Betty Mingle

Sellers doing business in the station where vehicles are to park.

Petty traders at the Neoplan Station in Accra have taken over the place, causing congestion and impeding vehicular and human movement.

The traders have moved from the various stores allotted them by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), and have displayed their items in the open spaces at the station, causing inconveniences to both passengers and drivers.

The Secretary to the Chairman of the No 4 Neoplan Drivers Union, Mr. John Tetteh, said the attitude of the traders has caused traffic congestion in the station, such that part of the place where vehicles park, has been taken over by these sellers.

According to him, several reports had been made to the AMA, but the city authority has since not done anything about the issue.

He said the worst of the whole issue, was that the traders even go to an extent of displaying their   items in front of the various Neoplan offices within the station, which he found very disturbing.

“When we tell them to take their items back to their shops, they rain insults on us, calling us all sorts of names,” he lamented.

He said the situation had compelled most drivers to park their vehicles outside the station, and even at the entrances, making it difficult for other vehicles to move freely in and out of the station.

He therefore, urged the AMA to intervene and solve the issue.

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