Traders call for action on illegal electricity connections

By: Bernice Bessey

A Fire Officer educating the market women on fire prevention

The Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) has turned a deaf ear to calls by the traders at the Mallam Atta market to arrest persons operating with illegal electricity connections in the market.

According to the market queen, Manye Ogbedee, they had written several letters to the ECG about the rampant electricity illegal connections by some traders in the market, but did not gain any response, and other attempts to draw the attention of officials of the company had also proven futile.

She made this known during a fire training programme held for the market women by officials of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA), Ghana National Fire Service, and National Disaster Management Organisation (NADMO), in Accra over the weekend.
Also during an inspection conducted by the three organisations in markets such as Maamobi and Mallam Atta, all in Accra metropolis, revealed that a lot of electrical wiring and connections in these markets were illegal and inappropriate.

The NADMO Coordinator for the AMA, Mr. Isaac Mensah, attributed such acts to the recent fire outbreaks in some of the markets.

Mr. Mensah, educated the traders at the Maamobi market on the need be cautious of fire, preventive methods, and how to put it out.

He said illegal connections and inappropriate electrical wiring had done the country lot of harm, whereby properties and items worth millions of cedis have been lost, with many suffering physical and emotional traumas.

He said it was the responsibility of the traders to protect their wares from fire by reporting all illegal connections to the AMA or ECG, for the arrest all persons who do not abide by the assembly’s bye-laws and for corrections.

He appealed to the traders to assist the assembly and other organisations responsible for managing disasters to fight against fire outbreaks, and counted on them to be each other’s keeper to ensure that all fires are put out before leaving the market premises at the end of the day.

He further charged that the leaders of the markets would be held responsible for any future occurrences of fire, if they do not put comprehensive measures in place to check the activities and operations of their colleagues.

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