The Ghana’s most productive companies: The who and the why

A new report identifies Ghana’s most productive companies and analyses the ‘people factor’ behind their success

The GHANA’s Most Productive Companies reveals which GHANA companies are meeting the challenges of the 2010 business environment and leading their sectors in productivity terms.

A report has been researched and published by Profiles International, the world leading Assessment Company, which analyzed financial data from 80 publicly traded companies on the Ghana stock exchange as well as some privately owned companies. These companies where grouped into 8 industry sectors and 34 sub-sectors, based on their Standard Industrial Classification (SIC), to produce a more meaningful analysis.

The table below shows results for each industry sector revealed the most productive companies to be:

To reach its conclusion, Profiles international defined productivity by using the well accepted ratio of revenue produced per full-time employee. Once it had identified the top performance in each sector, Profiles then took a closer look at the practices that enabled them to out-perform the market and analyzed the result and contributing factors behind the result on

The best practices that Profiles believe explains outstanding productivity can be broken down into five ‘People Attributes’ and five ‘Strategic & Operational Attributes’. They are:

People Attributes: Performance Driven culture
1.    Effective managers
2.    Effective use of people
3.    High Employee utilization
4.    High Employee effectiveness
5.    Encouragement of innovation Strategic & Operational Attributes:
6.    Technological sophistication
7.    Financial sophistication
8.    Effective Distribution
9.    Effective distribution channel
10.    Marketing & brand sophistication

Profiles International West Africa Chief Executive Officer, Tilda Mmegwa (Mrs.) explained: “We undertook this research to ensure that our employee assessment continues to reflect the requirement of today’s challenging economic environment.

“While the findings confirmed much of our existing knowledge, they also demonstrated that it is more important than ever for companies to benchmark their people processes to ensure they maximize the productivity of the people they employ. We have made the report available online – and we hope that managers will download it and use the information to improve their processes”


Tilda Mmegwa (Mrs.) at Profiles International West Africa:
D: +233 (0) 202021444
Evelyn Elikplim Dzrekey at Profiles International West Africa
D 00233 (0) 30 2919400
The Ghana’s Most Productive Companies – can be downloaded from a dedicated website,
Editor’s Notes

*    Profiles International was founded in 1991 by Bud Hansey and Jim Sirbusku, in Texas, USA

*    Since then, hundreds of employees have joined Profiles International and their assessments solutions are now used in 122 countries and by over 40,000 companies.

*    Profiles’ assessment solution enables organizations to select the right people and develop them to their full potential. Besides putting the right people on the right jobs, it helps managers manage and coach the employees. Organizations are also leveraging them in creating high performance alignment of their resources.

*    Using the Profiles solutions, employees are able to direct their effort to achieve greater productivity and profitability.

*    The flagship Profiles’ product is the Profiles XT, a Total person assessment suitable used by companies of all sizes and disciplines.

Profiles International assessments have proven to deliver effective solutions to business problems and  exceed the standards set by the Association of Test Publishers and Departments of Labor in the USA.

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