The Convention People’s Party should expand its electoral college

Mr. Ladi Nylander , CPP National Chairman

The Convention People’s Party (CPP) has wallowed in the political doldrums to the extent that the majority of the Ghanaian youth wonder if it was the same party that dominated Ghanaian politics in the 60s.

It is quite unfortunate, to say the least, that after 18 years of multi-party democracy in Ghana, the leadership of the party has not waken up to the realisation that the party has very weak party structures across the length and breath of this country.

The majority of constituency and regional party office’s are not functioning properly, including the national headquarters. Some regions and constituencies do not have executives, or the full component of their executives.

In the Volta Region, for instance, the party has not been able to organise elections for the past six years, and I find this situation quite worrying. One of the most significant things I find quite worrying is the growing weak youth front of the party.

When our political opponents have youth groups in all our public tertiary institutions, the CPP can boost of only the Accra Polytechnic, University of Ghana, Cape Coast University, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technonology (KNUST), Koforidua Polytechnic, and Institute of Proferssional Studies (IPS). Among these six, only two are functioning.

The party, I believe, has not done enough to revive the youth front, and a practical example is the interdiction of the National Youth Organiser and the General Secretary.

Having highlighted these points, I would like to call on the party to expand its electoral college, just like what our friends in the NPP did. This, I believe, will revive the enthusiasm and commitment at the grossroots, and help strength our youth front.

This intelligent move, I believe, will also deepen our internal party democracy. Expanding our electoral college will see the party structures in this light; polling station officers, electoral area coordinators, constituency executives, regional executives and national executives.

This will create a platform for over 113,000 comrades to vote for their constituency, regional, national and presidential candidate.

This move, I believe, will also help the party to know its support base, since delegates must be registered members.


Abu Mubarik, Tertiary Students Charter (TESCHART) President, Accra Polytechnic branch

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