Tettegu School in dire need of help

By: Bernice Bessey

The Tettegu School building (left), The hole in the classroom wall to allow water drain out (right)

The pupils and teachers of the Tettegu Primary School, a deprived community school at Oblogo in the Ga South Assembly, are appealing to the government and other stakeholders to come to the aid of the school, over the dilapidated nature of its structures.

The Tettegu School is among five schools in the same compound, with no toilet and urinal facilities, which are suffering from inadequate tables, chairs, and other amenities that make schooling conducive.

The structure that houses the lower primary is more like a death trap, according to a source at the school, since the entire block has cracked walls, while certain portions of the walls are about to collapse.

The Accra File noted that the lower part of the school wall was also crumbling, and this, shows clearly the dangers confronting the pupils and teachers.

Sources at the school, who did not want to their names mentioned, said classes are suspended anytime it the weather threatens to rain for fear that the structures might collapse on the pupils and the teachers.

The file noted that although the walls were weak, holes had also been chiseled in them to drain water that gathers in the classes any time it rained

The sources added that aside the fear of the weak nature of the building, the roof also leaks, which makes it impossible for pupils and the teachers to concentrate on lessons.
The school also does not even have computer and science laboratory.

According to a source, severe reports and appeals had being made to the government and the general public, but all have proved futile.

Information gathered also indicated that a private individual started building a two-storey building for the school, but for no reason, had stopped the working on the building, which is at lintel level.

The pupils also told the file that they were compelled to use the bush behind the school as a place of convince, due to the lack of toilet and urinal facilities.

When the file contacted the district assembly, it gave a promising response that plans were far advanced to rebuild the school with modern facilities, and also end the shift system, as was done in the Accra Metropolis.

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