Techno Brings On Android N7 Smartphone

By Chris Twum


The first dual SIM mobile phone brand on the African market, Tecno Ghana, has been launched at its headquarters in Darkuman, Accra.

It is a new 3.75G android smart phone Techno N7, which is now one of the top three mobile phone brands in Africa noted for its advanced technology transformed into local products.

Given the nature of the African market, techno aims at ushering its customers into a smart life and has thus brought into the market smartphones to meet local demands.

The N7, a new smartphone, is an improvement on the success of the N3 which was launched in the last quarter of 2012. According to the PRO of Techno mobile, Mr. Mounir Boukali, the N7 is to offer users a more superior smartphone with high-end performance and a better user experience.

The N7 is thus designed for users who have a high demand for smartphones. It combines android with a 1GHz dual core CPU. With a 1GHz dual core CPU, users are offered a fast data processing speed and the ability to use more than one application at the same time.

The Tecno N7 has a wide and clear screen size of 5.0 inches which gives users an amazing experience of viewing photos, web content, games and so on. It is bigger, better, smarter and also simple but very stylish. It gives a smooth browsing experience and a download of up to 800,000 innovative and interesting applications.

Like many other phones from Tecno, the N7 supports a dual SIM system which allows users to make a good balance between work and personal lives on one smart phone. What is interesting here is that the N7 has the ability to take both GSM and CDMA SIM cards.

This new innovation also offers its users a wide area of interaction with people on a variety of applications. It allows users to connect to friends on Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Google etc., with ease.

It also supports ‘Google Keep’, which provides a back-up service to aid users to recover vital information on their phone in case they lose the phone.

All these cannot be mentioned without mentioning the Flash Share, a unique transfer software which allows you to share files of any format and size at an amazing fast speed and does not require any internet connectivity, WIFI or SIM card.

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