Tamale Catering Rest House left to rot

Story by Edmond Gyebi, Tamale

the chalet

The Northern Regional Catering Rest House, which was converted into a private hotel and named “Tohazie Hotel” some years ago, is now in a very dilapidated state, as facilities there are gradually running down.

The facility was being managed under a corporate name of “Tohazie Group of Companies.”

The facilities at the hotel include 10 fully-furnished chalets, four well-equipped executive suites, a 200-seater conference room, restaurant, offices and a vast car park. But, at the moment, the Tohazie Hotel has turned into a haven for wee smokers and other nefarious activities, as the whole compound is filled with weeds and reptiles.

The Northern File is concerned about how the popular Tohazie Hotel would come back to life, since it is strategically located in between the Northern Regional Coordinating Council, the Regional Police Headquarters and the Tamale High Court, and can therefore, serve useful purposes.

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