Suarez again!

… Bites opponents shoulder

With Kofi O. Aduonum

After helping to knock Africa’s great hope, Ghana, out of the World Cup, thanks to his strategically placed hand, Luis Suarez has found another unique way of settling on-field troubles.

Luis Suarez

The Uruguayan, who showed a serious case of high self esteem when he said ‘the hand of God; it’s mine now’ in reference to Maradona’s 1986 hand-ball heroics, has decided that instead of doing Thierry Henry impressions, he might give Mike Tyson a go.

The bizarre incident happened during a clash in the Netherland’s Eredivisie League match between PSV and Ajax.

The match, itself, was apparently a very boring affair, until extra time, when things got a wee bit weird.

A fight broke out, after Ajax’s Rasmus Lindren was shown a straight red for a harsh challenge on Ibrahim Afellay.

Slap bang in the middle of that scuffle was Suarez, who was blinded by the red mist to the point of losing all control, and biting PSV’s Otman Bakkal on the shoulder.

Even though the referee was directly behind Bakkal when this happened, Suarez somehow wasn’t punished for his twilight-inspired bite.

Luckily for Suarez, Bakkal decided not to retaliate by doing an impression of ninja-kicking Zlatan Ibrahimovic. Instead, he was a good sport, and seemed to laugh the incident off.

Source: GHP

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