Stop this crazy attitude now!

from Albert Nana Asante

INSPITE of efforts being made by key stakeholders in the road transport industry, including the National Road Safety Commission (NRSC), to curb the occurrence of accidents on our roads, some people continue to make nonsense of the efforts.

A typical example is the situation at the Obuasi-Bongobiri-Stadium road (Kamara Dini road), where some unpatriotic Ghanaians have turned part of this very busy into mechanical workshops.

The danger is that the occurrence of road accidents is very imminent, considering how busy the road is. The thing is, should city authorities continue to turn blind eyes to this crazy attitude?

Though the Mayor of Obuasi, Mr. John Alexander Ackon, has on a number of occasions warned against the usage of the road by the these auto mechanics, this reporter still believes the city authorities can do more about the situation, than just issuing warnings.

Pix: The scene at the Obuasi-Bongobiri-Stadium road (Kamara Dini road)

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